SMARTfit™ Financing Options: Give the Gift of Health this Year

When budgets are tight a flexible payment option can make a big difference. The ROI with SMARTfit Inc. products means we are able to offer a number of financing options to help make your Brain-Body Fitness experience go from dream to reality. We can offer either directly or through partners specific offers that provide the best dollar value to get you and your organization started right away. We can tailor solutions that work to help you better manage your cash flow allowing you access to the technology that will improve your users’ health and your business’ potential.

If you would like assistance or to discuss your financing options, please contact us.

Lease to Purchase

A lease allows you to make monthly payments for your SMARTfit Inc. project. This offers the most flexibility in terms of cash flow and we work with a number of partners that can provide you with the best deal for your situation.

90 Day Deferred Program

  • Rates as low as 5% on approved credit
  • Minimums as low as $3500!
  • 0 -2 Payment(s) Required in Advance
  • 36 month term
  • $1 Residual

Finance Terms Sample Lease Option
(Equipment Cost of $5,000)

  • Stream of Payments: 3 Monthly Payments @ $0.00
  • 33 Remaining Payments @ $205.64

 Grant Funding

The multiple benefits of a SMARTfit Inc. installation often make them eligible for a number of local and national grant opportunities. We have a number of grant templates and can provide application support through our sales administration department.We also provide our own grant opportunities. Find out how to apply for a SMARTfit™ grant.