Why SMARTfit™?

SMARTfit™ is the proprietary technology within MultiSensory Fitness Inc products that focus on training the brain and body simultaneously, creating a unique workout that people of all ages and abilities enjoy.

A Unique MultiSensory Brain-Body Experience

No other fitness product can engage such a wide range of people, ages, and abilities while providing cognitive training while working out. From personal training to an invigorating group session for baby boomers, then providing preschoolers with an immersive action based learning experience to letting off some steam after work.

For schools, our SMARTfit™ Trainers can take on a whole PE class at once. With no moving parts they are virtually indestructible under normal use. For gyms and fitness centers they represent the forefront of high intensity cognitive fitness training, a unique offering to members, and an additional revenue option with group classes and personal training.

SMARTfit™ has applications within rehabilitation environments providing motivating games and multi-planar movements to develop muscle tissue and restore proprioception. It can be used as part of developmental programs for ASD or SPD programs.

The inclusivity of team gameplay and the ability to match a skill level means SMARTfit™ is as viable for senior exercise groups as for professional athletic development.

SMARTfit™ creates a competitive and engaging workout that will keep users coming back. You don’t need to take our word for it, watch our video testimonials and hear from other SMARTfit™ users or see it in action on our channel.



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