Where is the “Boom” in Boomer Fitness?

SMARTfit Fitness Training for Baby Boomers – High Intensity Interval Training Delivered with a Twist of Cognitive Training

SMARTfit Fitness Solutions for Baby Boomers combines brain fitness training with high intensity interval training in classes packed with high levels of social engagement.

According to the US Census Bureau, there are nearly 75 million Baby Boomers alive in the country today.  Once known for its fitness, this massive segment of the population is now looking for equally enjoyable and effective exercise practices similar to those of their younger days.

But where are Baby Boomers to turn?

Before we discuss potential solutions, let’s look back at the Boomer-led fitness revolution in the 1970s and 80s.

Working out quickly became cool, as Arnold Schwarzenegger, Jane Fonda, Richard Simmons,  and company used new types of media to show just how awesome exercise can be.  People suddenly wanted to exercise, and focused a remarkable amount of time and money on not only exercising but doing so in a hip, fun, social manner.

According to the AARP, this helped create a significant drop in cholesterol levels, blood pressure,  and heart disease deaths throughout the population.

But those statistics are from a bygone, more active time in the lives of Boomers.  A study from JAMA Internal Medicine showed that Boomers are actually less fit than their parents were at the same age.  Only 35% of Baby Boomers exercise regularly, and 52% have no exercise routine whatsoever.

These figures may be shocking to some, but unfortunately it’s a product of the inactivity crisis seen throughout the nation.  On this blog, we occasionally examine what is to blame.  The rapid growth of technology and associated devices obviously has a huge impact on the development of America’s inactive way of life.

Now, onto introducing a solution.

What hip fads helped lead the initial Boomer fitness revolution way back when?  Free weights on muscle beach in Venice.  Pink spandex clad fitness instructors on VHS workout tapes.  We’ll scratch those two items of the list of potential solutions.

So what is hip today and can lead a new Boomer fitness revolution?  Technology.  Boomers must look to engage in group exercise activities and classes that remind them of when they were “Sweatin to the Oldies.”

That’s where SMARTfit Fitness solutions for Baby Boomers comes in.  SMARTfit gaming modules create an highly-enjoyable exercise environment for group exercise that can help Boomers reestablish the fitness habits that made Boomers trendsetters. SMARTfit Fitness solutions for Baby Boomers provides the essential social component – much like the renowned exercise videos of the 80s – that Boomers so crave in their workouts.

Facilities around the country – fitness clubs, community centers, non-profits – are in desperate need of fitness solutions that will bring the Baby Boomers out en masse, but few facilities have been able to recognize that fitness practices need to mirror those socially-driven exercises of the 70s and 80s.   SMARTfit Fitness solutions for Baby Boomers can help any facility accomplish that with our neuro-physical fitness solutions that exercise both the brain and body – a valuable component for the Boomer population.

Throw out the older VHS player and leave the spandex and leg warmers at home.  Install SMARTfit Fitness solutions for Baby Boomers in your facility, and introduce some awesome exercise classes for Boomers.  All 75 million of them.

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