U.S. Marines Adopt SMARTfit for High Intensity Tactical Training Program

When the US Marines at Camps Pendleton and Barstow purchased SMARTfit, they weren’t sure how it was going to fit their High Intensity Tactical Training Program but saw its possibilities and were willing to invest in putting SMARTfit to the test. 

Last week’s successful training surprised them and we were delighted to see SMARTfit recognized for its ability to help high performers in addition to those in orthopedic and neuro rehab, plus older adults needing to maintain and improve their ADL’s (activities of daily living). 

Watch the training and listen to Shelly Lamey’s spontaneous comments about SMARTfit by clicking below. 

“This is the most interesting and stimulating activity I could introduce to the Marines.  SMARTfit covers it all – strength, agility, dynamic balance, functional movement, concentration, brain activity, reaction time. The skill level is unbelievable. The Marines love it, and that means they’ll want to do it.  I really believe that in tracking their progress, I’m going to see a lot of improvement.”  – Shelly Lamey, Human Performance Trainer, Marine Corp Logistics Base, Barstow, CA, USA .

To learn more about SMARTfit tactical training and the opportunity to improve human performance at your facility, visit SMARTfitInc.com and join us for a personalized Zoom demo

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