Try This to Prevent Cognitive Decline

Four steps— Challenging Your Brain, Socializing, Consistent exercise, and a Healthy Diet—can improve your mental skills, as you age.

Several research studies have concluded that routine physical activity, a healthy diet, being mentally challenged, and solid social connections will assist you in keeping a healthy mind. The most impressive and latest research goes one step further by advising that if you follow all of those practices, you may reverse mental capacity that has been lost. The results of a FINGER study indicated that doing so not only kept cognitive skills from decreasing, it improved reasoning skills, as well as speed in performing mental activities.

What the research involved

The two-year Finger Study, involving 1,260 men and women, was the longest and largest randomized controlled trial that assessed the effects of lifestyle upon the preservation of mental acuity. The group ranged from 60 years of age to 77. All of the participants had some risk factors for the development of cognitive impairment yet scored within the standard range upon the initial mental function exams. On average, their cholesterol and blood pressure were a bit elevated and they were a little overweight, yet not obese.

Volunteers were randomly assigned to two different groups. The first group of participants, “The Study Group” obtained cognitive training, exercise instruction and nutritional counseling. Also, during the study period, they went through seven medical examinations. They consistently met for exercise instruction and cognitive training. The second group of participants, “The Control Group” underwent three medical examinations, during which they obtained general health advice. At the end of the study, both groups were provided mental function exams.


The Study Group’s total scores were 25 percent greater than The Control Group’s scores. Furthermore, The Study Group scored 150 percent greater than the Control Group upon tasks that measured processing speed and 83 percent greater on executive function tests.

The results of the Finger Study provide extra motivation to pursue an engaged, active, and healthy lifestyle.  Keep in mind, the earlier you start the sooner you can enjoy the benefits of a healthy lifestyle.

SMARTfit™ Technology Helps to Rewire Your Brain and Promotes Brain Plasticity

The human brain is designed to operate optimally in multisensory environments. Thus, multisensory training can be more effective for learning.

Visual, auditory, and physical tasks are integrated in performing the motor skills required. These protocols, with their simultaneous brain/body stimulation, are the key element that differentiate a functional training program from a general conditioning program. This unique form of exergaming stimulates greater input to the proprioceptors of the motor system, and with it, greater subsequent refinement of movement patterns. The resistance and motor patterns encountered by the use of real sports equipment creates more dynamic neuromuscular control in a functional setting of play. Read more about the SMARTfit™ Technology behind our solution.

SMARTfit, Inc.’s systems combine brain fitness with body fitness improving physical, sensory, and cognitive performance creating an engaging multisensory experience for all ages and abilities. Our SMARTfit™ exercise technology utilizes the latest in Brain Body Exercise Science to bring you a unique solution that improves mental and physical fitness. To learn more contact us at 1-800-900-8542 x 110.

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