Tips on Implementing Physical Distance Rehab on SMARTfit

The SMARTfit team have been hard at work making sure that your SMARTfit system can provide you with the ability to deliver physical therapy safely regardless of whether you are in the same room or working remotely with a patient.

With Physical Distance Rehab now the way forward SMARTfit offers the advantage of allowing patients to receive their rehab without necessarily incurring close contact with their therapist.

Here is a short video on how to set up a program for clients, clean the system prior to their arrival for therapy and then to execute the therapy session while maintaining physical distancing.

SMARTfit’s new cloud based system even allows therapists to set up the programs without actually being in the same building.  We will soon include video streaming so that clients can be viewed and coached remotely while they are following their pre-designed program.

SMARTfit’s HIPPA secured data management system allows for results to be recorded in real time and viewed on-line by the therapist prior to setting up the next session.

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