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SMARTfit’s action-based play approach to exercise and learning is a powerful way to help kids transition from school to homework and has proven critical to youth development with inclusive team-building technology games. Proven success with both athletic and non-athletic youth SMARTfit eliminates social differences while building sports skills.

SMARTfit™ solutions are used for a wide variety ofYMCA programs and populations to create healthier and more productive communities.

Have you been looking for that next program or piece of equipment that will:

  • Be used by everyone – regardless of age and ability
  • Provide instant feedback through motivating play
  • Delivers quick results – eliminating the learning curve
  • Create a Fun & Social environment – leading to building a community within


Check out the SMARTfit ProTrainer system installed at Andover Y.M.C.A  featured on CBS News Boston’s Eye On Education: ‘Active Science’ Gets Kids Moving 

SMARTfit™ effectively trains the brain and body to function together in a faster, more coordinated way while delivering a cardiovascular workout.

Your members will benefit from:
  • Improved focus, speed, agility, balance, awareness and skill sets
  • Multi-tasking by training the mind & body at the same time
  • Increased reaction speed while developing a sense of calm
  • Improved cognitive learning – challenges brain speed and cognitive decision making in real time.
  • Enjoyment – and the desire to keep coming back
What does all this mean for your facility:
  • Attract a new demographics
  • Boost family memberships
  • Promote exciting new programming
  • Increase retention
  • Sell FUN back into fitness training

View our interview with Amy Nalley, Executive Director of the Boys & Girls Club of Eden

We offer turnkey solutions including design/layout – marketing support – installation – training – programming – free upgrades – video channel – customer support.

Over 350 Y’s have either a new SMARTfit™ Technology product or a previous generation installed in their facili

ty. SMARTfit™ Technology is helping members of all ages and abilities train brain and body together. For Y’s, JCC and other community or recreational organizations, SMARTfit Inc. products can provide an exciting addition to their offering.

SMARTfit™ Performance Pods – for small group X, sports performance and personal training (non-dedicated space)
SMARTfit™ Play Pods – for child care and child development (non-dedicated space)
SMARTfit™ ProTrainer for group X and sports performance training (non-dedicated space)
SMARTfit™ Multi-station Trainers for group X (non-dedicated space)
SMARTfit™ Trainer Single for small group X, sports performance training and personal training (non-dedicated space)







Our experienced team is on hand to help you plan your space and discuss the ROI benefits.

View information about our products, pricing and grant opportunities below:

SMARTfit 2018 Product Catalog

SMARTfit Strike Target Brochure and Spec Sheet











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