The Trainer just got SMARTer

The ProTrainer from SMARTfit now comes with SMART technology taking the user to a new multisensory, brain-body, fitness experience.

The SMARTfit ProTrainer provides a challenging, interactive workout that pushes users by engaging them in a variety of athletic games and exercises that provide a full  worcognitive motor workout.

The ProTrainer is a popular edition to gyms and fitness centers because of its unique training experience for individuals, and it’s ability to provide a group class experience. As users become more accustomed to brain training as promoted by ventures like, the concept of training the brain and body at once is one that appeals. Tennis ace Billie Jean King describes the intensity of the Brain-Body workout provided by the SMART Trainer as “correlating perfectly with what you are trying to do in game play and that’s very important for high performance training.” Billie Jean knows a thing or two about high performance training, winning 20 Wimbledon titles in her illustrious career.

Users love the ProTrainer because it isn’t trying to simulate a sensory or competitive environment, it creates one. An environment that uses light, sound and touch that users can interact with. Users compete against themselves or others and work at a level suited to them. The flexibility of the SMART Trainer is one of its assets because it doesn’t discriminate between users. Multiple games, difficulty levels and board sensitivities mean the SMART Trainer can be as easily set to work with children as it can to meet the needs of professional trainers or athletes.

The integration of a multisensory-cognitive element is one of the main reasons the technology was rated number one for “enjoyment and energy expenditure” in a study published by the American Medical Association. The new SMART technology makes exercise fun and its application relevant to nearly all of ACSM’s top fitness trends.

The SMART Trainer can be a great way to encourage new users into an exercise routine, it can be used as part of a group class or hybrid workout calendar. It is great for HIIT training and as part of a functional fitness routine.

To learn more about SMART technology and it’s varied applications for fitness centers and sports training facilities, visit SMARTfit ProTrainer

Ask us how the SMART Trainer and ProTrainer can help you. . 


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