The SMARTfit Difference

SMARTfit Dual-Task Training Helps Improve Human Performance by Creating and Strengthening Neural Pathways so You Can:

  • Make quicker, smarter decisions while moving
  • Execute physical and mental skills more efficiently
  • Process what you see faster so you can react faster
  • Train to get into the flow/zone quickly
  • Improve focus, balance, coordination, and speed
  • Build Cognitive Reserve to Delay Cognitive Decline

Five Pillars of SMARTfit Technology Builds Cognitive Reserve and Physical Competence at Every Level of Ability

  1. Dual Tasking – 30 years of research – training the brain and body together produces the fastest results
  2. Dual tasking focused on engaging the executive function and processing speed brain domains delivers the fastest transference to (activities of daily living) ADL’s
  3. Gamification – is a powerful motivator and further ignites the executive function domain
  4. HIIT – is proven to build cognitive reserve and delay the onset of dementia
  5. Data – Progress tracking and leveling is a powerful motivator/retention tool
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