The Perfect Fit: Boys and Girls Club of America and SMARTfit™

Following the installation of their SMARTfit™ Trainer 4 system we spoke to Amy Nalley, Executive Director of the Boys & Girls Club of Eden to discuss the process and their experience with the systems.

The Boys & Girls Club of Eden raised the money through a grant from the Kate B. Reynolds Charitable Trust, a trust that is focused on promoting quality of life and quality of health in its community. As part of the funds awarded to the Boys & Girls Club of Eden they selected a SMARTfit Trainer 4 which can offer High Intensity Cognitive Training™ and Fitness training for large groups under the supervision of one instructor.

Ms. Nalley describes the system as immediately attracting the attention and engagement – not just from the boys and girls – but from parents and members of the community. Ms. Nalley described that as an immediate “return on our investment” for them.

The SMARTfit™ system has quickly become part of their programming “a big difference is that Kids want to do it!”. The attention it has drawn has surprised people at the center. The gym was usually a place where you would find the teenage boys shooting hoops, but now, instead of practicing shots they are developing skills with the basketball on the SMARTfit Trainer and helping other team members of all ages join in and get active.

One element that we find really important with SMARTfit™ technology it its inclusivity. We were told of two teenage girls that rarely left the computer room but when they saw the SMARTfit™ system along with the action and excitement that changed. “They were out there playing the ABC game, joining in, having fun, and working as part of a team. They are loving it!”

SMARTfit Boys and Girls Club of Eden
“This has already become a great part of our Club and our members love it. We have a lot of exciting programs going on at the Club right now and your companies Smart Walls are a huge part of that.”
Chris LaPrade, Athletic Director

Getting people involved in physical activity that have been told they aren’t good at sports or have been put off participating for various reasons is a very rewarding part of SMARTfit™ Technology. This has also become a major goal of the Boys and Girls Clubs of America with their TRIPLE PLAY program which offers a holistic approach to improving healthy habits for mind, body and soul. The Boys & Girls Club of Eden thought SMARTfit™ Technology was a perfect fit for that program because it addresses all three aspects; mental stimulation; cardiovascular fitness, and team building/cooperation.

We installed the Smart Trainer Walls and the kids, staff, board and community love it. It’s our first step to enhancing triple play. . . This product addresses all aspects including the mind, body and soul with academic features as well as increased physical activity, cognitive enhancement and fun. . . The first day of the program had kids that never go to the gym involved and actively participating, including 2 teenage girls who make the A honor roll every time and don’t go to the gym.

Amy Nalley, Executive Director, Boys and Girls Club Eden

BGCA Eden are even finding that shorter sessions are proving effective. The Crossfit and Wrestling coach performed a 15 minute test workout and came away saying “man that is an intense workout”. The system is also being used for a quick 10 minute pre-homework session. They find that it leaves children calmer and allows them to settle down to do homework much quicker.

Ms. Nalley describes the games as “grabbing kids” and the SMARTfit™ Trainer 4 system allows the athletic director to manage 50-60 kids with everyone moving, excited, helping team mates and enjoying themselves, “It makes everyone’s jobs easier”.

Overall they were very pleased with the SMARTfit™ Trainer and the staff here at Multisensory Fitness are very grateful for their support.

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