SMARTfit High Intensity Interval Training

Woman using the SMARTfit trainer

This article was updated on 10-28-2019

Is the integration of brain and body the next frontier in fitness?

We know that physical activity, especially high intensity interval training, is good for the brain. Clinical studies have shown better cognitive and behavioral performance in people who are physically fit. But what many of us don’t know is that it goes both ways.

Neuroplasticity is the brain’s ability to change and adapt, even rewire itself, when challenged. An exercise that engages the full body and the senses at the same time requires complex cognitive function. Neuroplasticity kicks in, the brain adapts to the challenge, and physical performance improves.

It was on this neuroscientific foundation of integrated brain/body conditioning that we developed the SMARTfit High Intensity Interval Training solution for personal and small group fitness at all ages and ability levels. SMARTfit High Intensity Interval Training uses interactive technology to engage participants in a fun and challenging workout that combines cardio, functional, core, sports training and rehab with multisensory brain training.

SMARTfit Trainer’s simultaneous brain/body stimulation is what differentiates a highly effective functional training program from general conditioning. The system tracks results based on time and score, attracts new and retains existing members, and provides new personal and small group training revenue.

The complete SMARTfit High Intensity Interval Training solution includes a single station SMARTfit Trainer system with hundreds of computerized games, time-tested durability, and extensive brain-body programming in manuals and online video. Simple installation instructions are included. CEU/CEC training for ACE, NASM and NSCA are also available.

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