The Brain is the Conductor of the Human Performance Orchestra

“Twelve weeks ago, my friends dragged me to the YMCA. I did not want to carry that six-pound ball all over the place or stand on one foot, looking like a fool. But halfway through the first class on SMARTfit, I was too busy laughing, sweating and playing with my friends to think about any of that. And now, 12 weeks later, I can stand on one foot without being afraid of falling, I can walk farther than I could five years ago, and I have a new group of friends who laugh with me and support me.” 
— University of Buffalo / YMCA Mild Cognitive Impairment Study participant. Conducted at the William-Emslie YMCA, Buffalo, New York.

Are you looking for a potential game-changing solution for your community recreation program, one that enhances not only the mental and physical health of every member of your community, but their cognitive health as well? We invite you to explore SMARTfit.

What makes SMARTfit different and how would it enhance your programs?

  • It’s a fun, gamified experience that adds cognitive agility and endurance to your programs by training the brain and body together.
  • Appeal to and benefit every age and ability — especially older adults — also youth, adaptive, chronic diseases, early childhood, sports, corporate, functional fitness and more.
  • Much more than speed and reaction training, SMARTfit improves the ability of the brain and body to work effectively together, just like they need to in real life. All games and activities require cognitive decision making while moving, including executive function, memory, math, spelling, inhibition control, pairing, sequencing, standard cognitive tests and more.
  • Personal and group training options designed for multi-use spaces are easy to implement with over a thousand pre-designed and customizable video-supported games and activities.
  • Measure results with assessments, progress reports and fun competition that keep people motivated and coming back for more.

Do you want to help all your members live healthier, longer and more productive lives? Just remember the brain is the conductor of the human performance orchestra.

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