Support FAQ - SMARTfit Strike Pods

Our SMARTfit Strike Pods FAQ page is designed to provide quick and comprehensive answers to common questions about the SMARTfit Strike Pods. Browse our FAQs to get the information you need.

iPad/mobile device can’t find the controller? Download the BLE Scanner App

  1. Download the BLE Scanner app on the iPad that cannot find the Mini. 
  2. Open the BLE Scanner app and look for a “Near By” device that starts with the name “DFU”. Select the green connect button on that device. If you see the 8 digit code on the BLE Scanner app, then select that instead.
  3. Disconnect from the device and close the BLE Scanner App.
  4. Restart the SMARTfit app and the controller will show up on the next scan.

My Android device does not find the SMARTfit controller

  1. Delete the app and re-download it
  2. Select Yes to allow SMARTfit access to microphone, photos, and bluetooth
  3. Sign in to your account 
  4. Select the setting tab and chang the configuration to correct system 
  5. Select the blue done button 
  6. Select Manage Connections and connect to the system
  7. If the problem continues, please contact Customer Support at (805)883-8812

I am not able to update my system controller

Controller needs to be registered to correct account 

  1. Connect to the controller from their mobile device
  2. Select the controller ID
  3. At the my controller page select “Run Custom Action” 
  4. Type in 911400 
  5. This will unregister the controller
  6. Sign in to the account that the customer wants to be the Admin account
  7. Change the configuration under settings 
  8. Manage Connections – select yes to register controller – now they are the admin
  9. Select Controller ID once connected- then select update software, the red X means that there is an update available and green check mark means there is not one available

My SMARTfit batteries are damaged

  1. Check for any damages to the USB ports.
  2. Confirm that all SMARTfit batteries are receiving a charge from the charging cradle.
    a. The blue lights on each battery should light up when the batteries plugged in and given power.
    b. If one or more batteries are not lighting up with blue lights, then try plugging that battery into a different wire.
    c. If all four blue lights are lit, then the batteries are fully charged, and you can unplug them. Three blue lights is 75 percent battery life, while two and one blue light are 50 and 25 percent charge.
    d. Charge the batteries as soon as the battery is showing one blue light.
  3. Look for any batteries that show signs of inflation. You can tell that a battery is inflated if it is becoming harder to remove and insert into a Strike Pod.
    a. To avoid encountering inflated batteries, you must remove batteries from the charging cradle after 7 hours of change.
    b. You must also unplug the batteries from the Strike Pods after each use.

If you have identified that the batteries are damaged, connect with our customer service team.

My Strike Targets are registering incorrect error tones

Turn on Hit Delay to 1 second.

  1. The Strike targets may register multiple strike when they are attached to a portable stand.
  2. To fix this, you should turn on Hit Delay to the 1 second option.
    a. The Hit Delay option can be found when in a game category or in the User Settings.
    b. The recommended option is 1 second.
    c. Hit Delay determines the time the target will delay before listening for another strike. This is used to eliminate false strikes in targets that may continue to shake or vibrate after being struck. An example is when Strike Pods on stands are struck and shake after contact.

CPU is not turning on for SMARTfit Strike Pods

  1. Remove the sliders from the CPU.
  2. Check the battery life
  3. Press the on/off switch 1 time to show the blue lights, 1 blue light means it needs to be charged, 4 blue lights means that it has full battery. The battery life of the CPU is four hours.
  4. Once you know that each battery is at least halfway full, double click the on/off button on the battery. Look for a white light to turn on.
  5. Ensure that the USB cord is plugged in to the port 2.1A
  6. The CPU should be displaying. If it is only displaying 4 digits, then the CPU is damaged and needs to be replaced.

CPU does not find the targets for SMARTfit Strike Pods

  1. Disconnect any other bluetooth connections to the mobile device.
  2. Try connecting to the system through a different mobile device
  3. Check if there is an update available for the controller
  4. Remove the sliders from all the pods and the CPU.
  5. Check all battery lives on the system
  6. Press the on/off switch 1 time to show the blue lights, 1 blue light means it needs to be charged, 4 blue lights means that it has full battery. The battery life is multiple days. CPU is four hours.
  7. Once you know that each battery is at least halfway full, double click the on/off button on the battery. Look for a white light to turn on.
  8. Plug in the USB cord into the 2.1A USB slot. Make sure that the SMARTfit logo is facing the target
  9. Turn the Wireless CPU on by double clicking the button on the CPU battery. Be sure that the white light is on. Plug in the USB cord into the battery. 2.1A port.
  10. Ensure that the CPU is turned on with an 8 digit number displayed
  11. Next turn on all strike pods by pressing the toggle switch below the battery. Each toggle switch is the same color as the strike pod. Tell the customer that they need to be able to see the target display as they press the toggle switch. First red numbers will display then green letters and number.
  12. C stands for channel, the number next to it is the channel number. C0 for example.
  13. Below is the letter T which stands for target and the number displayed next to it is the target number. The number can be 1 through 15 depending on how many pods they have. T1 is the target that will display the go symbol for each game.
  14. Press all toggle switches.
  15. Connect to the system by opening the app and selecting settings. Ensure the configuration is set to strike pods and layout is custom.
  16. Also check the RF channel of the targets and check if they all match. If they are different than the one displayed on the app, change it in the settings.
  17. If one of the targets is on the wrong RF channel, press the toggle switch to turn it off. Then press and hold the toggle switch. Wait until it displays C, press the toggle switch to change it to the correct channel.
  18. Follow the same steps if the target number is incorrect. Press the toggle switch when the target displays T.
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