Support FAQ - SMARTfit MultiTrainer

Our SMARTfit MultiTrainer FAQ page is designed to provide quick and comprehensive answers to common questions about the SMARTfit MultiTrainer. Browse our FAQs to get the information you need.

My target wire is broken

  1. Is the target wire stuck inside the Controller? 
  2. Identify what part of the wire is broken and how it broke
  3. Please contact (805)883-8812 for Customer Support

What is the difference between MultiTrainer and ProTrainer?

First, the systems mechanically are identical but the software and board settings are where the difference lies. The ProTrainer panels/stations are joined and the MultiTrainer separates them by between 2-5 feet. The consequences are as follows:

  1. The space between the stations, makes it is safer to run larger classes with larger teams on each station. This allows space for turns in round-robin style games as well as for ball play where a wider space is needed for catching the returning balls.
  2. The ProTrainers have joined panels which prevent you from having large teams over 6 just because of safety and you are more restricted in the variety of games for larger teams.
  3. The ProTrainer becomes popular because it can operate in both station mode as explained above and, in sports mode where the joined panels all cooperate as a single station for serious sports training. In other words, in ProTrainer mode, it becomes an electronic backboard for any sports and can simulate the returns from a tennis opponent, goalkeeper, or other team as in volleyball. As a result, the ProTrainer offers a lot of games that the MultiTrainer cannot offer.

Ultimately, your decision comes down to:

  1. How big are my classes? If more than 20 the go with the MultiTrainer
  2. Do we want to offer sports training? If so, go with the ProTrainer
  3. Do we want to practice physical distancing? Go with the MultiTrainer
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