Support FAQ - SMARTfit Mini Low Impact

Our SMARTfit Mini Low Impact FAQ page is designed to provide quick and comprehensive answers to common questions about the SMARTfit Mini Low Impact. Browse our FAQs to get the information you need.

How do I gain access to Stroop?

  1. Under the play tab, choose the game folder Stroop
  2. Select Stroop – Match 
  3. Scroll down and change the level from 1 to 2
  4. Select done
  5. Press Start game and now you will play Stroop with the Red X and Green Check Mark displayed on the center target

Pattern Recognition – Shapes and Dice only display the top two rows

This is intentional. For Pattern Recognition, the dice and shapes only display the top two rows due to the limitation of numbers on a dice and the number of shapes that the engineers were able to create

iPad/mobile device can’t find the controller? Download the BLE Scanner App

  1. Download the BLE Scanner app on the iPad that cannot find the Mini. 
  2. Open the BLE Scanner app and look for a “Near By” device that starts with the name “DFU”. Select the green connect button on that device. If you see the 8 digit code on the BLE Scanner app, then select that instead.
  3. Disconnect from the device and close the BLE Scanner App.
  4. Restart the SMARTfit app and the controller will show up on the next scan.

Target(s) is not displaying on my SMARTfit system

  1. Turn off the system.
  2. Turn on the system
  3. Look at the target that is damaged
  4. Does it turn on/turn off? 
  5. Does the target stay off? 
  6. Write out exactly what happens when the system is turned on
  7. Next, identify what type of target that you have for your system. Send SMARTfit pictures of the bottom of the target. The target styles are SMARTfit Target 4A, 4B, 16×16 4A.
  8. For the time being, create a target selection that turns off the damaged target. This allows them to keep playing the system without worrying about the damaged target turning on. 
  9. Open the app and sign in.Select the build tab at the bottom right hand corner of the screen, choose selections, choose the system you have, select the + symbol, select the targets that you want active. Next select where they want the GO to display at the beginning of each game, select the blue done tab.

My target strikes aren’t registering

  1. Check the sensitivity level 
  2. Hit delay needs to be turned off for Mini’s
  3. Configuration needs to be set to the right system, Mini’s are blue square, singles are black rectangle, strike pods are set to strike pods with layout as custom 
  4. Open the panel and test the sensors. If they sense a strike, then that means the system cover was not screwed on properly
  5. If sensor does not communicate a strike, then the customer needs a new sensor

My Controller isn’t finding the targets for the SMARTfit Mini

  1. Disconnect any other bluetooth connections to the mobile device. 
  2. Try connecting to the system through a different mobile device 
  3. Check if there is an update available for the controller
  4. Turn off the system 
  5. Unplug the target wire, it is similar to an ethernet cable. Push down on the backside of the wire and pull the cord out. Check the wire for any damage.
  6. Check the configuration of the system in the settings tab and see if it matches the system.
  7. Unplug the power cord 
  8. Delete the app from the device, then redownload it. Make sure that they know their username and password for their account 
  9. If the app is on local mode, DO NOT delete, all of their information saved will be deleted 
  10. Redownload the app, change the configuration to the correct system.
  11. Replug the cords to the CPU 
  12. Turn on the system
  13. Check the controller software date by connecting to the controller and selecting the controller ID. Write these down and send the SMARTfit Team

My SMARTfit Mini Low Impact is not moving up or down

  1. Hold down the arrow key until it reaches its lowest level. Continue to hold it down until the system begins to move up, the customer can let go of the arrow once it moves up.
  2. Move system down so that you can see the chords beneath the system (Low Impact Mini) unplug the motor wire that allows the system to move up and down. Replug the wire back into the power bank. 
  3. Try moving the system up and down after

My target wire is broken

  1. Is the target wire stuck inside the Controller? 
  2. Identify what part of the wire is broken and how it broke
  3. Please contact (805)883-8812 for Customer Support

My Android device does not find the SMARTfit controller

  1. Delete the app and re-download it
  2. Select Yes to allow SMARTfit access to microphone, photos, and bluetooth
  3. Sign in to your account 
  4. Select the setting tab and chang the configuration to correct system 
  5. Select the blue done button 
  6. Select Manage Connections and connect to the system
  7. If the problem continues, please contact Customer Support at (805)883-8812

I am not able to update my system controller

Controller needs to be registered to correct account 

  1. Connect to the controller from their mobile device
  2. Select the controller ID
  3. At the my controller page select “Run Custom Action” 
  4. Type in 911400 
  5. This will unregister the controller
  6. Sign in to the account that the customer wants to be the Admin account
  7. Change the configuration under settings 
  8. Manage Connections – select yes to register controller – now they are the admin
  9. Select Controller ID once connected- then select update software, the red X means that there is an update available and green check mark means there is not one available

How do I unregister a controller?

Unregistering the controller can only be performed by the controller administrator. This would remove the current controller administrator from their role and remove the registration of the current license key. The next user to connect to the controller would be required to scan a valid license key to register the controller again. After connecting to the controller, select the controller on the Home tab, which will take you to the My Controller page. Select the “Unregister” option on this page.

How do I change my controller password?

Changing the controller password can only be performed by the controller administrator. The controller password must be entered each time upon connecting to the SMARTfit controller if you choose to password protect it. After connecting to the controller, select the controller on the Home tab, which will take you to the My Controller page. Select the “Change Password” option on this page.

How do I register a controller?

You will be asked to register your controller after updating it to the latest controller software and guided through the process upon connecting. If you have not updated to the latest controller software, the app will guide you through the required controller software update upon your first time connecting to the controller.

My mobile device does not find the targets

Please call our customer service line at 1(800)-900-8542 x117 to help with this matter

  1. Start up the CPU and confirm whether the targets are receiving power.
    a. If the targets are receiving power, then your target wire may be plugged into the wrong wire port. Make sure that the target wire is connected to the upper wire port.
    b. If one or more targets are not receiving power, then you must contact our customer service line at 1(800)-900-8542 x117 to help with this matter. Please send us a video of all 9 targets with your mobile device during the initial startup.

My mobile device cannot connect to the CPU

Please call our customer service line at 1(800)-900-8542 x117 to help with this matter.

  1. Check that the CPU 8-digit ID Number is displayed on the CPU.
    a. If it is not displaying the number but is displaying a single line moving throughout the CPU display, then a separate mobile device is connected.
    i. Turn the CPU off and on again to disconnect all devices.
    ii. You should now have access to connect to the CPU with your device.
    b. If the CPU is not displaying anything, then turn the system off and on again. Please send us a video of the CPU display with your mobile device during the initial startup. Send our service team the video for our review.
  2. Check that your mobile device Bluetooth is on and not connected to any other device (ex – apple watch, speakers, headset, etc.).
    a. Try resetting the Bluetooth feature on your mobile device.
    b. If you still cannot connect, then try connecting to the CPU from a new mobile device.
    c. If you have success connecting to your system with the new device, then the Bluetooth on the original mobile device may be damaged.
    d. If you are still unsuccessful connecting to your system, then the CPU Bluetooth may be damaged.

CPU is not turning on for my SMARTfit system

  1. Check the status of the power cord, does the outlet have power?
  2. Is the power cord damaged?
  3. If CPU only displays 4 digits, then the CPU is damaged and needs to be replaced
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