Support FAQ - General and Pre-Purchase

Our general questions FAQ page is designed to provide quick and comprehensive answers to common questions about SMARTfit. Browse our FAQs to get the information you need.

My Android device does not find the SMARTfit controller

  1. Delete the app and re-download it
  2. Select Yes to allow SMARTfit access to microphone, photos, and bluetooth
  3. Sign in to your account 
  4. Select the setting tab and chang the configuration to correct system 
  5. Select the blue done button 
  6. Select Manage Connections and connect to the system
  7. If the problem continues, please contact Customer Support at (805)883-8812

I am not able to update my system controller

Controller needs to be registered to correct account 

  1. Connect to the controller from their mobile device
  2. Select the controller ID
  3. At the my controller page select “Run Custom Action” 
  4. Type in 911400 
  5. This will unregister the controller
  6. Sign in to the account that the customer wants to be the Admin account
  7. Change the configuration under settings 
  8. Manage Connections – select yes to register controller – now they are the admin
  9. Select Controller ID once connected- then select update software, the red X means that there is an update available and green check mark means there is not one available

How do I change my controller password?

Changing the controller password can only be performed by the controller administrator. The controller password must be entered each time upon connecting to the SMARTfit controller if you choose to password protect it. After connecting to the controller, select the controller on the Home tab, which will take you to the My Controller page. Select the “Change Password” option on this page.

Did I receive a license?

License keys will be assigned based on which subscription you have purchased. If you purchased your system prior to December 31, 2022, your license will automatically be registered with the highest level options with the ability to switch between the modes. If you purchased your system on January 1 2023 or later, you will have selected which subscription you would be purchasing at the time of placing your order. In this case, when you power up and connect to the system, you will see the content relating to the subscription you purchased.

For example, rehab clinics and hospitals will be assigned a rehab subscription key. In addition, this provides access to the commercial and games only, fitness/sports modes free of charge. While a commercial fitness and sports facility will be assigned the commercial fitness/sports subscription which also provides access to the games only mode. Finally, a system purchased with the games only subscription will be assigned the games only subscription giving easy access to content designed for facilities not interested in tracking data.

If you purchased the schools only subscription, then you will have access to the schools mode only.

What is a license?

License is the type of software subscription that your controller was registered with. The type of license that your controller has will determine what predesigned programming you will see and which modes your controller is compatible with. The three types of licenses are Medical/Rehab, Fitness/Sports, Home Fitness/Sports.

How do I register a controller?

You will be asked to register your controller after updating it to the latest controller software and guided through the process upon connecting. If you have not updated to the latest controller software, the app will guide you through the required controller software update upon your first time connecting to the controller.

What is the difference between MultiTrainer and ProTrainer?

First, the systems mechanically are identical but the software and board settings are where the difference lies. The ProTrainer panels/stations are joined and the MultiTrainer separates them by between 2-5 feet. The consequences are as follows:

  1. The space between the stations, makes it is safer to run larger classes with larger teams on each station. This allows space for turns in round-robin style games as well as for ball play where a wider space is needed for catching the returning balls.
  2. The ProTrainers have joined panels which prevent you from having large teams over 6 just because of safety and you are more restricted in the variety of games for larger teams.
  3. The ProTrainer becomes popular because it can operate in both station mode as explained above and, in sports mode where the joined panels all cooperate as a single station for serious sports training. In other words, in ProTrainer mode, it becomes an electronic backboard for any sports and can simulate the returns from a tennis opponent, goalkeeper, or other team as in volleyball. As a result, the ProTrainer offers a lot of games that the MultiTrainer cannot offer.

Ultimately, your decision comes down to:

  1. How big are my classes? If more than 20 the go with the MultiTrainer
  2. Do we want to offer sports training? If so, go with the ProTrainer
  3. Do we want to practice physical distancing? Go with the MultiTrainer

Can I access my client data and track their results?

The SMARTfit user-interface offers extensive options to build customized programs and generate customized reports. It also allows for tracking data in multiple locations.

How do I know which programs to use for my clients?

The SMARTfit app-based user-interface allows you to easily customize what programs you want to see and use.

The SMARTfit Academy teaches you how to make good decisions regarding which programs work best in different situations. However, there are 3000 free video supported activities already available at the push of a button. Accessing these is the easiest way to get started as they are sorted into folders that are specific for each kind of client application.

How do I operate the system?

The SMARTfit Mini, Single and Strike pods utilize an Android/iOS app-based user interface on a tablet or cell phone. This device is not provided with the system. The app can be downloaded here.

How does the system ship?

SMARTfit Strike Pod Systems and the SMARTfit Low Impact systems will ship with FedEx/FedEx air or Ground. If strike pod stands are included in the order, then shipment will travel on a pallet by common carrier.

Within the United States, SMARTfit Mini’s and Singles will ship fully assembled on a pallet unless the destination facility does not have a doorway tall enough to receive it or if the system must travel in an elevator. In these cases, it will ship unassembled.

All other systems ship unassembled.

If I want to add SMARTfit Strike Pods to a SMARTfit Mini or Single, do I need to buy a full system or can I use the existing controller to drive the additional pods?

Your SMARTfit Mini or SMARTfit Single controller can operate up to an additional 15 strike pods with or without the panel system. There is no need to buy a full strike pod system. We do recommend that you purchase extra batteries and a battery charger.

Which system is right for me?

Do you finance?

Yes, we offer financing via third party suppliers.

Is there a subscription fee?

There is the option of four different subscriptions depending on the markets you are serving. After two years, customers can opt-out of subscriptions if they don’t want to track data or receive new content. Our intent is to keep your systems functioning with new content at all times. We help mitigate this cost with the option of subscriptions designed to allow you to only pay for what you want.

Do you offer software upgrades?

Yes, all app-based systems are upgradable over the internet. Upgrades are released once per quarter and include new features, programs, games, data tracking and reporting capability

What is your standard warranty?

Yes, we ship to all regions – through our international distributors or directly where we do not have a distributor established.

Do you ship internationally?

Yes, we ship to all regions – through our international distributors or directly where we do not have a distributor established.

Can I rent these systems?

At this point, we do not offer rental, but we do offer financing at very affordable rates to customers with good credit. Monthly finance fees start as low as $50/month for strike pods and $100/month for a panel-based system.

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