Sports Performance Training for Athletes

SMARTfit Sports Performance Training for Athletes

SMARTfit meets and matches any athletes own level of play and challenges them to improve.  Training with SMARTfit improves speed, reaction times, ball control, accuracy, core balance, visual-motor coordination and peripheral visual awareness. By improving these skills, the user makes better, faster,
smarter decisions under pressure. Results reflect between 5-20% improvement in speed and reaction skills in three weeks of any conditioned athlete.  Many report that their perception of the game appeared to slow down giving them more time to focus on strategy and technique.

  • Our products are developed with the competitive athlete in mind!
  • Having the cognitive edge on competition can mean the difference between winning and losing!
  • Train your visual-motor and cognitive reaction skills.
  • Training routines are customizable, with sport-specific programs for athletes of every level.


The brain is the command center that drives the body’s performance. How it functions affects an athlete’s control of focus, speed of reaction, quality of sleep, efficiency of motor movement, emotional reactivity, and ability to mentally recover after an error.

Here are six ways that athletes can improve their performance:

  • Processing information faster.
  • Improving concentration.
  • Recovering quickly from mistakes.
  • Making immediate decisions.
  • Increasing attention span.
  • Managing stress better.
  • Improve strategy and technique under pressure.

In other words, it’s all about training the brain to get more out of the body.

Applications – Pro Sports, Sports Performance Centers, Intercollegiate Athletic Programs, Interscholastic Athletic Programs
Track results – Scored performance over time, impact accuracy

Progressive ability programming – equally challenging for aspiring or professional athletes
*Over 2500 systems installed worldwide. Official practice baseballs, lacrosse balls and cricket balls required. All others approved.

SMARTfit is Validated by Sports Performance Specialists 

“SMARTfit takes the athlete to the next level. The first day they often lack focus, coordination and balance, and often their retention level is lacking. After the second session there is improvement in everything. By the third time is there is a major improvement and athletes become more attentive to their surroundings and display improved speed of mental processing making it appear as if they have mastered movement without thought.”Raul Murillo, Owner Coreathletics Academy, MS, CSCS, Biomechanics

“After my fiaugustinerst session on SMARTfit I knew something had changed and that was proven that weekend when I made every free throw. Over the next four games, I made 12 for 12 free throws and my free throw average shot up from 50% to 70%.  My perception of the game seemed to slow down and my timing, reaction skills and balance improved dramatically.  Since then, my games have improved tremendously thanks to SMARTfit. I look forward to reporting back in four months on how SMARTfit training has actually produced sustained results.  See you in December.” Augustine Okosun, Center, International Player, NBA Developmental League

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