Special Education

My favorite product in 46 years of teaching” – Karen Kaplan, Health & Fitness Teacher

SMARTfit™ provides a fun and highly engaging play environment for kids to learn their letters,numbers, words and math while they run, jump and play. SMARTfit™ trains the brain and body to function together in a more efficient and coordinated way while delivering:options

  • Improved focus
  • Multi-tasking by training the mind & body at the same time
  • webinarEnjoyment – and the desire to keep coming back to play


How it Works

  • img_8264croplrAlphanumeric targets displaying colors, numbers letters or symbols drive cognitive games such as: Chase the Alphabet forward and backward, Find Smiley, Tackle the Number Sequence, Lights Out Race, Memory, Simon Says, Rallywall (like racquetball), Action Math Symbols and Shapes.
  • Targets are triggered by a hand, foot, ball, bat, bean bag, or hand weight, creating a unique and highly
    stimulating environment for producing rapid training in cognitive speed, neurological and physical fitness.
  • Customizable background music, tones and crowd sounds create the desired atmosphere for participants.
  • The games rely on user response as kids play at their own level.
  • FREE upgrades for the life of the system – games are continually released, ensuring players never get bored. Full training is available and there is a growing library of downloadable programming to help new staff quickly learn how to use the systems.


– Social Development, Action-Based Learning, Behavioral Programming

Products & Programs

SMARTfit™ Play Pods, SMARTfit™ Trainer Single and SMARTfit™ Trainer Mini.

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