SMARTfits’s Sensitive Side

You can adjust the sensitivity of the SMARTfit stations based on how hard it will be struck during play.  This ensures the right balance between challenge and success for different purposes and demographic groups.  Sensitivity can be set from 1 to 100.

Low values correspond to the gentlest anticipated hits, often young children, seniors and some rehab patients.  Higher values correspond to the harder anticipated hits (heavy weights or fast moving objects). Most users find the settings between 5 and 20 to be most useful, but they can go up to 100 to challenge the best athletes.

Here’s a guide:

  • For low impact: a noodle, or a light touch start with “5″
  • For medium impact: a playground balls or firm touch, start with “12”
  • For high impact: a 1 kg medicine ball or air-filled sports balls, start with “20”
  • For Advanced Training where greater precision is required, increase the sensitivity level to between 25 and higher (max 100). This can reduce the target size down to as small as the lens making it more challenging for advanced players.

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