SMARTfit Trainer Single

The SMARTfit™ Single offers a perfect option for functional training with and emphasis on  cognitive training, sports  performance training , personal training, functional training and SGX for up to 8 participants. 

SMARTfit Single Features

  • Software License including downloadable Apple/Android user interface and data gathering/reporting module.
  • CPU controller, Timeclock, score display, sound system with 4 tracks of themable voice/tones/music.
  • Includes 2 stacked interactive 46”x 46” panels mounted on a vertical frame system
  • 9 multifunctional targets.
  • Ball kit
  • Includes Sand Bag Kit: 6 unfilled 35lb bags with handles.
  • Can be bolted on floor or stabilized with supplied sand bags.
  • Optional wheel kit available
  • Operations manual and access to online program library and video channel.
  • 18-month warranty (extended warranty available) and SMARTfit’s exclusive Platinum Service Plan.

SMARTFit Game Software

  • The system offers over 150 games that can be scaled to the ability level of players regardless of capability.
  • Game settings can turn off groups of targets not needed for a particular drill which allows for the full spectrum of play by all skill and ability levels of participants.
  • Adjustable touch sensitivity to suite the light touch of a hand or the weight of a medicine ball.
  • Can communicate with up to 5 battery operated wireless Pods located within 100′ of the SMARTfit Controller.

How SMARTfit Works

  • Participants play mentally stimulating learning games while running, playing ball, balancing, and doing core stabilizing exercises.
  • SMARTfit trains participants to think under pressure and apply strategy and technique while managing footwork, balance, ball control, speed and agility all while having fun.
  • Targets displaying colors, numbers, letters or symbols drive games such as: Chase the Alphabet forward and backward, Find Smiley, Tackle the Number Sequence, Step Counting, Equations, Lights Out Race, Memory and Action Math.
  • Strike targets create a unique and highly stimulating environment for producing rapid training in cognitive and motor efficiency.
  • Wireless SMARTfit Pods extend the interactive area to create a 360 degree playing space.

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