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Defy the aging process with SMARTfit!  For many, age 60 marks the beginning of a decade full of changes. Some may plan to retire, and others start-up small businesses. Some settle in to help take care of their grandchildren, whereas others update their passports and take off on adventures around the world.

This new phase of life provides endless opportunities to live your life to the fullest if you are in good health. Unfortunately, an increased number of people find themselves facing Alzheimer’s and other forms of dementia at the age of retirement. Currently, there is no cure for dementia and the burden of care often falls on the shoulders of an unpaid and untrained family member.

The national average cost for memory care in the United States is $6,935 a month, according to 2021 NIC (National Investment Center) statistics. The amount of money for care increases once dementia sets in. People with dementia and Parkinson’s are twice as likely to fall and hurt themselves due to the loss of memory and mobility that tends to follow a diagnosis.

With a rapidly aging population comes a rise in older adults living with chronic conditions. Of these, dementia has become one of the leading causes of disability and dependency worldwide 1]. Dementia is an umbrella term for symptoms that progress over time in which there is a gradual deterioration in cognitive and functional capabilities.

What it really boils down to is atrophy of the brain. Our brains are muscles and when we stop using any muscle, what happens to them? Muscles become atrophied and eventually too weak to work. Studies have shown that training the brain and body together aka dual tasking may slow the onset of both cognitive and physical decline.

No cure currently exists for dementia at large, but there may be a program to alter its progressive course. SMARTfit was created to do just that!

SMARTfit’s evidence-based technology was created to measure how well your body is performing with your brain and train them to work more effectively together, aka dual-tasking. This translates to how well you perform activities of daily living (ADL), including the potential to reduce falls.

The goal is to keep people flourishing in senior living communities for as long as possible. Using SMARTfit gives you immediate access to real-time data where you can track progress week by week and upload results to a doctor if needed.

SMARTfit’s pre-designed programs address multiple domains of the brain, focusing on memory, attention, processing speed, executive function, impulse response, language and more. SMARTfit can be used with the aid of a therapist, at home in a senior living facility, at a patient’s bedside, or in a private room.

Highly engaging gamified programs evaluate physical and cognitive skills used in real life and can be adjusted to the physical and cognitive level of each individual. Not only does SMARTfit help provide a stimulating environment for patients but it also promotes good health by encouraging greater levels of physical activity and mental engagement.

The more active a person is, and the more mentally engaged they are, the less likely they are to see a decline in the physical and cognitive functions associated with dementia. That is why SMARTfit is such a great investment for senior living facilities. More on SMARTfit. 

Offering SMARTfit is Good for Business

Preventing just one person from moving into Memory Care by using SMARTfit would help justify the cost of one system! Offering SMARTfit as a preventive care solution will help you avoid losing residents to this disease. Memory care costs can also vary depending on the level of care required. These facilities sometimes provide 24-hour supervised care for patients suffering from all stages of Alzheimer’s or dementia.

It is compelling to see how much Memory Care costs for 1 year. In Minnesota, it is estimated to be $ 77,016 per person per year according to this article.

SMARTfit was designed as a tool for you and your staff making it EASY to use and enjoy. 

It has been shown to improve participation among residents and the gamification makes it fun and simple for the staff to administer, which helps everyone feel engaged and excited while using it.

 How SMARTfit Can Make Your Business More Successful

  • our program using real-time data as evidence of success
  • Increases patient acquisition, engagement, motivation, and retention with gamified technology and data-driven results
  • Engages staff across all disciplines to retain more care providers – fun, intuitive, easy to use, works for all
  • Demonstrates evidence-based investment in your program – resonates with referral providers, staff, and patients
  • Produces faster outcomes by training the brain and body together
  • Produces measurable evidence of transference to improvements in real-life performance
  • Maximizes ROI with efficient pathways for cash-based and CPT-coded programs

Improve Your Clinical Outcomes Across a Wide Range of Interventions

  • Measure, Test, and Train – cognitive function while moving (dual tasking)
  • Extensive research shows that dual-task training can accomplish the following faster and more effectively than training the brain or body separately:
  • Patients Stay with Your Program – Gamification makes it more engaging, motivating, challenging, and fun
  • For All Ages and Abilities – independent, assisted, ADA & HIPAA compliant

People want to know that their loved ones are in the best hands possible. Soon offering SMARTfit will be the deciding factor for families when they choose where to send their loved ones for assisted living, short-term and long-term care. We are so confident that you will love SMARTfit that we have taken the stress out of the purchase for you. We offer easy, no-interest financing and a guarantee you will love it! 

Do not let your competition figure it out first. Book a demo and see for yourself! 

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