SMARTfit Test – A Success at Rozina and Smith Physical Therapy

SMARTfit Physical Therapy Programs a Success at Rozina and Smith Physical Therapy


 Recently, Rozina and Smith Physical Therapy installed the SMARTfit Trainer and found the technology ‘incredible.’

“The unit allows for training the spectrum of patients at our facility. Our Physical Therapists use the SMARTfit for high level performance training of our athletes ranging from high school to professional sports. The multiple programs offered by the SMARTfit allows for our athletes to improve speed, neuromuscular coordination, endurance, plyometric and strength training in multi-planar motion patterns. This promotes overall hip and scapular core control as well as quickens patients reaction time required for high level performance.”

“We find the SMARTfit is an incredible adjunct to progressive resistance training and manual therapy. We have also incorporated the SMARTfit training as part of our Total Joint and Stroke Rehabilitation protocols. SMARTfit technology allows us to incorporate activities which improve dynamic balance on both stable and unstable surfaces, standing reach activities and improve reaction time for our Geriatric patient population. Our higher level stroke patients’ benefit from the many SMARTfit programs focused on improving cognition and motion.”

“As a Physical Therapist who has always searched for the most evidence based treatment, I can honestly say this product is one of the best I have seen at combining all of the facets of improving coordination of movement, strength,speed and neuromuscular control into one product.”

Needless to say the SMARTfit Physical Therapy Programs system will be taking up permanent residence at Rozina and Smith.




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