SMARTfit Small Group X, Functional and HIIT

SMARTfit Small Group X, Functional and HIIT

Engage groups in a high energy, challenging and enjoyable experience that merges functional and brain fitness training.

SMARTfit motivates users with hundreds of interactive games and drills incorporating functional, cardio and core fitness, brain games, sports training, speed, agility, reaction training and more.

SMARTfit™ brings a new dimension to High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT), with relay style programming specifically designed for mixing intense bursts of energy with less intense recovery periods.

By simultaneously engaging the full body, multi-planar movement, multiple senses and the brain, SMARTfit Group Training and HIIT create and strengthen neural pathways to improve physical and cognitive performance for optimal fitness results.

I’m more prepared for the 4QT…I’m getting stronger not only physically but mentally clearer” – Tyrone, DEnd Montanta State Bobcats


  • Fitness– Cardio, functional, core, balance, flexibility, speed, agility, HIIT
  • Neural/Cognitive/Sensory– attention and focus, visual, auditory & tactile processing, cognitive speed & agility, proprioception, memory, vestibular training
  • Social/Behavioral– fun, team building, cooperation, competition
  • Two solutions in one – for individuals or groups
  • Appeals to all ages and abilities
  • Space effective – great for multipurpose rooms and gyms

Rated #1 in both enjoyment and energy expenditure in a Umass Boston study,
comparing with traditional gym equipment. With group training capabilities on just one piece of equipment, SMARTfit™ systems and programming offer a great ROI when compared with other traditional or interactive solutions and a visibly intriguing piece of equipment for member drives or group class promotion.


SMARTfit Trainer Single – with or without 6 wireless pods, can accommodates up to 8 participants. Takes up virtually no space when not in use. Multiple stations can keep more users active with side by side competitive programming.
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Smartfit ProTrainer– Dual mode system include all benefits of the SMARTfit™ Trainer plus integrates stations into a single system incorporating greater lateral movement for higher level fitness and sports training. Learn more

SMARTfit Combo – The SMARTfit Combo offers a 360 degree playing arena with the addition of 3 or 6 SMARTfit interactive wireless pods that integrate play with the SMARTfit Trainer to create an expanded training environment. Learn more

SMARTfit Small Group X, Functional and HIIT from SMARTfit – Seize the Now on Vimeo.

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