SMARTfit Science Explained

As science has evolved, buyers and influencers in the rehab, preventative healthcare, active aging, fitness, wellness, sports, tactical, and education industries have become more aware of the essential role that the brain plays in physical performance.  Training the brain and body together, aka dual tasking, has been scientifically proven to be faster and more effective than training either alone. That’s common sense to most since everything from activities of daily living (ADL’s) to high-performance sports are predicated on dual-task functionality. Creating and connecting neurons and creating new neural pathways in the various domains of the brain is the first step to improving functional performance in all life’s pursuits.   

SMARTfit’s cloud-based, data-driven technology and video-supported programming does just that, delivering and continually improving the world’s most advanced solutions for measuring, assessing, and training physical, cognitive, and dual-task performance. Designed by top clinicians, trainers, and engineers, SMARTfit’s highly engaging gamified solutions offer unmatched, industry-leading value to your customers and end users.  Personalized and customizable for all ages, abilities, and levels, they now include programming and data tracking for personal and group training with multi-site organizational management capability. 

At SMARTfit, we have designed a neuro-cognitive gym programmed to enhance human performance and brain-body health in all populations. Our gamified interactive training arena simulates real life, allowing the brain and body to strengthen together.  Our technology fits the entire spectrum of human health and brain-body fitness and our products are already being used successfully in approximately 900 sites in 14 countries.

SMARTfit offers pre-designed programming applications for rehab, active aging/medical wellness, tactical, sports, education, and home fitness training.

Brain and Body Fitness Programming to Enhance Performance in All Populations

Developed by industry experts and scientifically proven to produce fast results, SMARTfit combines brain and physical health, with functional fitness, and sports performance training technology. SMARTfit adds to the power of dual task (cognitive-motor) training by delivering all activities using gamification which increases both engagement and enjoyment, and in turn produces quick results. Combining exercise with cognitive tasks, as the SMARTfit products do, may provide neural protection across a person’s lifetime. Researchers believe that such novel interventions designed to stimulate key cognitive domains during exercise may be especially beneficial to brain health over the adult lifespan.

The Problem

Using an evolutionary-neuroscience approach to develop the Adaptive Capacity Model (ACM), neuroscientists have detailed how and why physical activity improves brain function explaining the benefits of combining exercise and cognitive challenges to enhance neuroplasticity. They believe this perspective can play a major role in preventing and managing decline that occurs late in life.

The neurological system responds best to demand.

When an individual wants to execute a task, the brain leads by making a demand on the neurological system to deliver. The greater and more frequent this demand is made, the more efficient the brain-body connection will become.  The key to accomplish this is to provide an exercise program that promotes high levels of both physical and cognitive demand coupled with the desire to practice, practice, practice. Unlike physical growth the neurological system won’t develop by itself. It requires a demand.

  •     It produces faster results,
  •     It is functionally more transferable to real life,
  •     Most importantly, It is fun!

The entire neurological system comes into cooperation with the mind’s intent9

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