SMARTfit Review with Bernardine Thomas

Thank you Bernardine Thomas, Co-owner of Newbury Park Physical Therapy, for your feedback on how SMARTfit is impacting your practice. See Bernardine’s interview below: 

“We just implemented the SMARTfit Mini a year ago and we absolutely love it.

The great thing about the SMARTfit Mini is that we have been able to use it with a diverse patient population.

The kids come in with sports injuries and we can use it on them. And then on the other end of the spectrum, our geriactrics, with cognitive and balance disorders, we’ve been able to use it with them too.

The SMARTfit Mini has offered a new, exciting, state-of-the-art management tool to the already wide variety of therapeutic interventions that we offer at the clinic. The great thing about our patients with balance disorders is that we found that they’ve been able to work independently. 

We’ve been using it to work on mobility, strength, endurance and proprioception, while challenging the patient’s cardiovascular ability.

The SMARTfit Mini has been a great addition to our neuro population because it challenges the cognitive, balance and memory all at the same time. Patients absolutely love it. It’s engaging and it’s fun.

If people are competitive, they try and beat their previous scores on the game. We have patients come into the clinic and ask us on follow up visits if they are using the SMARTfit today.

And another great, little strategy of ours is to trick the patient into exercising using the SMARTfit when they don’t even like exercising. All they think about is, they think it’s a game.

We use many different therapeutic interventions in the clinic. With the SMARTfit application, we’ve been able to progress the parameters of reaction times and duration in a shorter time frame then our other treatment interventions.

The SMARTfit app is very user friendly and its been easy for us to implement that at the clinic. And all the therapists have been easily engaged in using it; even our therapists that are a little more technologically challenged.

I think that the SMARTfit has added something to us as Physical Therapists that never has been there before. It’s this package deal of cognitive and motor processing while also challenging the visual and vestibular systems. It’s like nothing we’ve ever used.”

– Bernardine Thomas, PT, DPT, OCS – Newbury Park Physical Therapy, Owner

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