SMARTfit Proves to be Successful at OT for Kids, Occupational Therapy

SMARTfit Occupational Therapy Programs

Denise Lumiere OTR/L, MA Occupational Therapist at OT for Kids has been testing the SMARTfit Trainer and PlayPods with her patients with sensory integration issues. After three months she is delighted with the results. “SMARTfit is an amazing piece of equipment. It is prime for me as an occupational therapist.”

“Knowing sensory motor training as I do, it is helping kids with visual skills that help with reading and writing, increasing the speed of visual processing which helps with motor planning and feeling comfortable in their environment. It increases visual spatial skills, eye-hand coordination, laterality and crossing the midline.”

“SMARTfit Occupational Therapy Programs provide a play-based arena for delivering interventions to help individuals respond to information coming through the senses and enables practitioners to deliver sensory-motor activities that promote visual-motor integration, visual processing, tracking, discrimination, selective attention and focus.”

“It’s super fun and you can set the programming to the level of the child.”


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