SMARTfit Physical Education Makes P.E. Easy…for Students AND Staff

SMARTfit physical education systems provide answers to educators across the country looking for solutions to the escalating physical education crisis in schools. K-12 physical education programs across the country are changing rapidly, as budget cuts force thousands of schools to shorten PE classes, and in some cases eliminate physical education altogether.  While many may see these cuts as a way to “eliminate an extra period of recess,” physical activity and thus, physical education, is unquestionably linked to higher test scores and greater academic achievement.

This report from the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) states that, “Physical activity can have an impact on cognitive skills and attitudes and academic behavior, all of which are important components of improved academic performance. These include enhanced concentration and attention as well as improved classroom behavior.”

Now that we’ve established (in a concise, “bloggy” manner) that physical education is an essential component for the physical and cognitive development of American youth, we can move to the challenges of implementing a comprehensive PE program that is manageable for both students and staff.

SHAPE America has introduced, “50 Million Strong By 2029,” an ambitious and exciting project aimed at creating programs that ensure that the 50 million students enrolled in K-12 schools in 2029 all lead healthy lives that include a necessary amount of physical activity.

SHAPE American President Steve Jeffries talked about this bold declaration in his latest editorial, and went on to discuss the impact of physical education on general wellness, as well as the problems facing educators today;

“We all know that movement is a wonderful medium for learning and personal development. Math, reading, writing, art, pretty much anything can be effectively learned through movement. Play, games, dance, sports are among the most effective ways to develop social, emotional, intellectual, ethical, and physical skills. Not much argument here. But the problem is physical educators can’t do all this alone. We’ve tried and it just doesn’t work. It’s not hard to understand. We simply don’t have enough time.”

He’s right, educators don’t have enough time.  Today’s teachers can’t be in five different places at once.

But what if schools were able to introduce fitness solutions that can engage a large number of kids in physical activity, while helping them develop the key skills that Jeffries mentioned above?  What if educators didn’t have to “do it alone?”  What if there was a technology that motivated kids to train their brains while exercising and gave PE teachers the resources they needed to provide this comprehensive exercise with minimal stress?

You’re reading this blog, so that means you know that there is a solution.  The solution of course, is SMARTfit.  “SMARTfit Physical Education,” as we like to say.

SMARTfit physical education is comprised of our line of ability-scaled products including the SMARTfit ProTrainer, SMARTfit Multi-Station Trainer, and SMARTfit PlayPods.

The Shamokin (PA) School District installed those three SMARTfit physical education systems at each level of school in their district, SMARTfit Multi-Station at the elementary level, 15 SMARTfit  PlayPods for junior high, and a SMARTfit ProTrainer at the high school.

“It shows students that to be physically active, you don’t have to be running miles.  It helps them realize activity can be fun,” Shamokin SD Administrator Tyler Dirienzo said, “It keeps things fresh and interesting.  The main selling point for teachers is that they can come in, pick up on it right away.”

“The SMART walls have been a great addition to our curriculum, it’s a great change of pace.  It has been a great opportunity and we’ve enjoyed tying them into the physical education curriculum,” Dirienzo added, “It gives the kids something new to look forward to.  It’s been a valuable asset to our overall curriculum.”

SMARTfit physical education’s fitness gaming equipment makes working out fun while promoting cognitive fitness in a supportive, social environment.  For youth, exercising on SMARTfit physical education systems can translate to the classroom, as the this type of interactive workout can help give kids the academic edge.  As SHAPE America looks to reach its lofty goal of “50 million by 2029,” schools will need to increasingly embrace groundbreaking technology that makes PE fun for administrators, staff, and students alike.

SMARTfit is THAT technology.


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