SMARTfit Personal Training

SMARTfit Personal Training


optionsIntegrate functional, interval, core and cardio fitness with brain fitness to create a versatile and challenging personal training experience. SMARTfit’s multisensorywebinar interactive technology makes fitness fun, engages the body and brain simultaneously, motivates participants of all ages and abilities, and tracks results.pricing button



  • Fitness – Cardio, functional, core, balance, flexibility, range of motion, physical speed and agility, full body multi-planar movement, hand/eye/feet coordination
  • Neural/Cognitive/Sensory – attention and focus, visual, auditory & tactile processing, cognitive speed & agility, proprioception, memory, accuracy, reaction speed, cross lateral movement and coordination, vestibular training, neuroplasticity
  • Social/Behavioral – enjoyment, team building, cooperation, inclusion, competition, social development, confidence, self esteem, self control
  • Train Multiple Populations – Adults, Boomers, Seniors, Youth, Athletes

Products, Programming and Training

  • Suggested Products – SMARTfit™ Trainer Single with the option of SMARTfit™ wireless Performance Pods and stands.
  • Space Requirements – 6′ of wall space. Depth – between 6′ and 30′ of depth when the system is in use.



Strike Target Brochure and Spec Sheet Imperial

Strike Target Brochure and Spec Sheet Metric









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