SMARTfit’s Mission

SMARTfit’s Mission- We strive to reignite the joy of exercise for all people by transforming exercise into play.

The Need

SMARTfit’s mission is to use a combination of play and technology to solve problems like inactivity and obesity. Inactivity and associated obesity are now rated among the top three preventable causes of death in America, yet a large segment of the population fails to achieve anything close to necessary levels of exercise, in large part because the technology used in exercise does not match the technology that we engage with in our daily lives.

Less than 25% of Americans belong to a fitness club leaving 75% of the population to find solutions elsewhere.  Schools across the country are cutting physical fitness programs as they struggle to motivate kids to adopt daily exercise practices.  Kids and adults alike are far more interested in interacting with video games, smart phone technology than engaging in sports, play or exercise.

Clearly, something has to change.

SMARTfit’s Mission

At SMARTfit Inc. we strive to reignite the joy of exercise by transforming exercise into play. We are dedicated to delivering high quality durable fitness systems that revitalize our customer’s businesses and the wellness of their clients.

The Model

SMARTfit Inc. designed revolutionary SMARTfit systems by using the problem, itself, to develop a solution by providing a comprehensive exercise and wellness solution for both the body and brain while captivating users in the same ways that a modern video game does.

SMARTfit utilizes the thrill of competitive games to help users build a litany of valuable tools and skills that can be applied to countless sections of the population, including the establishment of positive physical fitness habits, speed skill development, brain speed development, enhanced memory and recognition skills. For kids, SMARTfit  provides the academic edge.

Cathi Lamberti, Founder and CEO


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