SMARTfit All Inclusive Hardware and Software: All systems shipping in 2022 include this Option

All-inclusive hardware and software with five years of upgrades to all new content. This option includes all modules described below except the API which is for developers wishing to integrate SMARTfit data with other applications.  The SMARTfit Strike Pods and SMARTfit Trainer (see fitness section) include this license.

SMARTfit Games Only Software License With Subscription Options (exclusive to SMARTfit Mini):

Purchase the Games Only option and subscribe to software modules of your choice.  SMARTfit’s new subscription option allows customers to get started on a significantly lower budget and add software modules only if, and when, they are ready for them. This allows the investment in SMARTfit to be spread over multiple budgets with customers pay only for the software modules they use.

SMARTfit Software Modules Explained (SMARTfit Mini Only):

SMARTfit Games Only Module:

    • 17+ folders of games with each folder containing a suite of games that focus on specific domains of the brain. New game suites are continually being added. Examples: Track sequential targets; Seek (multiple choice), Go-No-Go (impulse control), Memory (14 short-term memory games), Cognitive training (Stroop, Digit Span, Corsi Block, Flanker, Serial 7’s, Pattern Recognition, etc.), Metronome, Equations, Spelling, and more.
    • Software Subscription – Provides new brain-body training games each quarter.
    • All client data tracking, tests, reporting, and data exporting will require adding a subscription when desired.

SMARTfit Rehab Subscription:

    • Applications: Rehab – Orthopedic, Neuro, Motor/Vestibular, Pediatrics; Older Adults: Active Aging, Senior Living, Assisted Living, Memory Care, Skilled Nursing
    • Populations: Active Independent Adults, Assisted Adults, Mild Cognitive Impairment, Dementia, Alzheimer’s, Stroke, Acquired Brain Injury, Traumatic Brain Injury, Concussion, Parkinson’s, Workers’ Compensation, Return-to-Play Sports, Return-to-Tactical-Duty
    • Client Management: managing and monitoring programming and performance data for an unlimited number of clients.
    • 2,000+ video supported pre-designed activities and programs arranged in 6 folders of turnkey programming with how-to videos ready to deploy. Includes: orthopedic, neuro, vestibular, brain health for independent adults, brain health for assisted adults, brain health based on MMSE scores.
    • Easy customizable programming and reporting/exporting option.
    • Ability to build your own activities including selections and sequences of activated targets and content to suit specific training needs. 

SMARTfit Performance Module:

    • 1,000+ ready-to-use video supported activities and programs arranged in folders sorted by demographic. Includes: personal training, active aging, tactical training, sports skills training, youth training

    • Client Management: managing and monitoring unlimited number of clients

    • Easy customizable programming and reporting/exporting option. 

SMARTfit Tests Subscription for Rehab, Independent Older Adults and Assisted Older Adults. (Optional add-on to Rehab Subscription)

    • Eight Neuropsychological Tests combined with a motor activity, including: Trail Making A & B, Digit Span Forward & Backwards, Corsi Block, Symbol Comparison A & B, Stroop A & B, Serial 7s.
    • Baseline and progress monitoring Dual-task Cost test measures and tracks transfer of all interventions to activities of daily living (ADL’s) – developed by renowned experts Drs. Mike Studer and Rob Winningham: Lower Extremity; Balance; Gait. For assisted level and independent level older adults.

SMARTfit Multi-site/Group Training Subscription (Optional add-on to Rehab or Performance subscription)

    • Multi-site Monitoring: Deployment of programming across multiple sites monitors data of all clients at all sites. Provides validation of success of all programs not limited to SMARTfit.
    • Group Training: Automatic data tracking using QR wristbands.

SMARTfit Leaderboards and Challenges (Option add-on for Performance Mode only)

    • Designed to drive engagement and competitiveness with self and others, SMARTfit’s leaderboards track the high scores in a set of brain-body activities that are applicable to each demographic group/gender.
    •  SMARTfit tournaments are offered to fire up competition and boost engagement.  They can operate on the cloud or privately at a single member site or across multiple sites if the Multi-site subscription is in use.

SMARTfit’s API (for developers only – not purchased on the App stores)

SMARTfit’s Application Programming Interface enables its software components to communicate with 3rd party applications using a set of definitions and protocols.

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