SMARTfit Introduces Lawrence Jackson

SMARTfit Introduces Lawrence Jackson

SMARTfit introduces Lawrence Jackson, our new President and Director of Sciences

SMARTfit Inc. is excited to announce that former Pro-NFL defensive end Lawrence Jackson is joining our team as our president and director of sciences!

Lawrence brings a high level of experience to SMARTfit with his background in collegiate and professional sports. Lawrence played college football at USC and then went on to play pro football with the Seattle Seahawks and Detroit Lions.

“I joined the SMARTfit team because I saw it as a breakthrough technology platform that can revolutionize training. As a pro athlete I learned that traditional training methods were only tapping half of our performance faculties and saw cognitive training as a way to increase mental speed on the field. When I saw SmartFit I knew right away that I was looking at the future. It was everything in one place.

I never enjoyed working out the traditional way. My mind would always wander and I’d lose energy output. With SMARTfit I challenge myself and my mind is 100% engaged. There’s nothing I can do actively other than play pro football that can lock me in the way SmartFit does.

Being on the SMARTfit team that is focused on enhancing brain performance in such an innovative way fits with my life-long passion to understand the brain and tap its full capacity. I see SMARTfit as a way for elite athletes to break through performance plateaus and develop the vital underlying reaction and motor skills for sports. More importantly, it helps to develop efficient on-the-spot mental processing which is great for sports as well as all high-pressure professions such as business, military and policing. This platform is limitless. ”

-Lawrence Jackson, SMARTfit President and Former NFL Defensive End

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