Functional Fitness and Brain Training Games – The Next Concept!

Neurons That Fire Together Wire Together (Nobel Prize winning Hebbian Theory)

From the beginning of time, humans have been evolving, learning and achieving physical mastery in a multisensory environment. Yet, until the arrival of functional training, the fitness industry as spent the last 50 years breaking up the workout to focus into uni-planer movements and completely neglecting the roll of the brain or engaging play. No wonder only 23% of the population actually buy memberships to a fitness club.  

Other than sports which excels in promoting brain health, this neglect of how humans have evolved has lacked engagement, creativity and fun leaving the majority of the population out and as the population migrates from sports participation to sports spectator-ship this is a major concern.  

Our quest at SMARTfit was to find a way to capture the benefits of sports into a modern form that can engage everyone. We started by looking at the key benefits of sports that were lacking in the average gym and came up with the most important finding; the Hebbian Theory, neurons that fire together wire together. Neuroplasticity, the brain’s ability to re-wire itself in response to sensory experiences, is now accepted science thanks to Eric Kandel, Nobel Prize winner in 2011.  

Add to this, we also discovered research confirms that exercise is good for the brain because BDNF, a hormone often described as ‘miracle grow for the brain’, is produced during exercise and is responsible for promoting the development of neurons

At SMARTfit™ we took these key elements and put them together using electronic target games to drive engagement and participation.

SMARTfit utilizes its own proprietary platform to speak to, and receives communication from, dozens of intelligent touch sensitive targets which engage strike style interaction with players who play cognitive games while in motion. This sets up a sequence of physical and cognitive engagements that literally lights up the brain triggering the development of new neurons.

Unlike other target game systems that utilize a mechanical trigger to turn on a colored target, SMARTfit touch sensors can measure vibrational waves and interpret them in accordance with the game, the equipment used, or the strength of the player while SMARTfits targets are mini computers that utilize their 16 x 16 dot matrix screens to display words, numbers, shapes or colors that are meaningful to the game. This way players are able to learn motor skills, math, words, develop reaction skills and refine their cardiovascular fitness and balance concurrently.  Best of all, all training involves playing timed games that are rewarded with scores that can be tracked to measure improvement over time.

SMARTfit has the capability to store thousands of gamified exercise routines and deliver them for each demographic at the push of a button.  This ability to customize the system for any demographic and deliver exercises in a scale-able way is what makes SMARTfit technology unique, exciting, and timely today when most technology leads to inactivity and is impacting health at all ends of the age spectrum.

We know the speed of the game for athletes is measured by the ability to deliver the combination of split second decision making with the body’s ability to execute equally fast. Training on SMARTfit is the perfect way to achieve this. 

What makes SMARTfit exciting is its ability to adapt to the skill and ability of anyone regardless of age or ability. This means that the same system used for performance athletes can also be used for pre-schoolers, special education, and seniors.  The systems play at the level of the players.  

Check out our video on our home page to get an understanding of SMARTfits diversity. physical education

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