How SMARTfit Exercise Can Boost Young Brains

Exercise Can Boost Young Brains

Twenty years ago I invented the first electronic target wall called Sportwall.  At the time, the only person who really understood what I had created was Billie Jean King who yelled with delight as she struck the first target with a ball which returned to her with the energy of a natural return. She immediately dived at it and wacked it to the next lit target earning herself a happy tune and a score on the scoreboard.  “I love it” she yelled, “How can I help you? This is perfect for getting the kids of today up off the couch and learning to enjoy exercise and sports”.  “I immediately broke into tears mumbling “Nobody will believe me”.

Fast forward twenty years and I am still at it, pushing the limits of technology to deliver brain developing games while kids play ball-to-the-wall and more. Needless to say, as we prepare to release our most advanced SMARTfit  systems ever, this article by Gretchen Reynolds of the NY Times comes as a somewhat belated but delightful validation for being so far ahead of the curve for too many years. While this article and its associated study relate to natural play, we have designed SMARTfit to capture the identical elements in our computerized target walls using power of technology to attract engagement and grow participation.

How Exercise Can Boost Young Brains by Gretchen Reynolds of the NY Times

Effects of the FITKids randomized controlled trial on executive control and brain function.

I have never been satisfied that we fully understand the power of combining electronic game play with academic learning, using full brain and body multisensory engagement, something so close to how we evolved over time.  Since 1995, and delivering $30m in target based systems, not being satisfied with multi-colored target technology, I have pursued every opportunity to push the frontier of technology in the quest to find a way to teach academic content using intelligent targets that incorporate pictures, words, numbers, and symbols in games in that get kids out of their seats while learning.

We have finally achieved this in our 2016 SMARTfit release that is taking place this month. To my delight, as we prepare to ship a new generation of our SMARTfit target game systems, I am delighted to find this article by Gretchen and her supporting validation of a study covered in pediatrics.

Our new SMARTfit game systems now based on our proprietary platform offer exciting solutions to get kids moving and learning while they play.  Maybe we are finally realizing that technology can deliver solutions for combating inactivity and obesity while also promoting brain health and academic performance.

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