SMARTfit Dual-task Technology Has Proven Itself in Leading Concussion Hospitals

SMARTfit dual-task technology tests and trains human cognitive, physical, and dual-task performance to improve activities of daily living, sports performance, and functional fitness for all ages and abilities.

“SMARTfit has been really useful for concussion rehab here at USC and Cedars-Sinai Kerlan-Jobe where we use it primarily for patient athletes who’ve had post-concussion syndrome for a few weeks. Most of their symptoms have been completely resolved after two to three weeks using SMARTfit.

I believe the brain can be rehabbed like any physical injury, reconnecting and strengthening visual and other neural networks, and SMARTfit has proven to be a valuable tool for this.” – Dr. Charles Flowers

SMARTfit dual-task technology can also be found at a number of other leading concussion hospital rehab programs including Barrow Institute, Banner Health, Casa Colina and Select Medical.

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Learn more about SMARTfit programming for return-to-play sports for both neuro and orthopedic rehab.

Return-to-Play Sports Rehab

Movement Performance Institute Agrees to Create Sports Rehab Programming for SMARTfit

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