SMARTfit Obesity and Inactivity Prevention Exercise Games – A Fitness Solution for the Other 77%

SMARTfit obesity and inactivity prevention programs offer a simple solution for non-traditional exercisers.

The figures are staggering. But not surprising.  Only 23% of Americans utilized a health club in 2014, meaning 77% of the population has little access to the proper tools for exercise. Just 29% of high school students exercise 60 minutes per day.

As a result, 69% of American adults are overweight. 17% of American children are not only overweight, but obese.

Throughout the country, people don’t want to work out. Exercise can seem boring and tedious. But it doesn’t have to be.

Southern California health and wellness company, Multisensory Fitness, Inc., is changing how people think about mental and physical fitness by making exercise enjoyable and accessible with its SMARTfit exercise gaming walls and training pods.

A priority for SMARTfit obesity and inactivity prevention programs are delivered in an exciting and engaging forum, ensuring people from at-risk populations are exercising everyday.

Recent data from Kaiser Permanente suggests youth spend 8.5 hours/day interacting with media, watching television, using smartphones, and playing video games.

This is a leading factor in obesity. While researchers around the world spend hours working to develop complex solutions, SMARTfit has utilized the problem, itself, to develop a simple solution.

“If people want to play computer games, let them play,” Cathi Lamberti, CEO, said. “But let them interact with ‘wellness computer games’ in a multisensory environment that stimulates brain and body.”

SMARTfit smart walls have seen success at Parks & Rec centers, YMCAs, JCCs, and Boys & Girls Clubs. Facilities are introducing SMARTfit’s range of fitness gaming systems, from the SMARTfit ProTrainer to the wireless PlayPods.

“We installed the SMARTfit Trainer, and the kids, staff, board, and community love it,” Eden (NC) B&GC Executive Director Amy Nalley said. “SMARTfit addresses the mind, body, and soul with academic features as well as increased physical activity, cognitive enhancement, and fun.”

SMARTfit obesity and inactivity prevention programs have been shipping since December 2014, and is already used in over 200 sites in 6 countries. For more information, visit their site and blog at or contact Cathi Lamberti at (805)895-6035 or

Multisensory Fitness, Inc.
Cathi Lamberti, (805)895-6035

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