SMARTfit™ Becoming a Game Changer for Children With Disabilities

SMARTfit Programs for Special Needs

SMARTfit Programs for children with special needs who have physical, sensory and cognitive issues.  These programs are offered on the same equipment used by mainstream cognitive and fitness fitness programs and have been able to allow qualified educators and therapists to implement special programming that focuses on at-risk populations.

The added benefit can be found in SMARTfits ability to assist youth in toning up their physical fitness and reduce obesity at the same time.  Since it has been found that obesity rates are especially high among children and adults with disabilities, it makes sense to include SMARTfit programs for special needs in the design of these programs.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention reports that in children with disabilities, obesity rates are approximately 38% higher than for children without disabilities. It gets worse for the adult population where obesity rates for adults with disabilities are approximately 57% higher than for adults without disabilities.

SMARTfit Programs for Special Needs are ideal for children with disabilities because they allows them to exercise and play while they are learning as they play active games individually or in groups in a way that is stimulating to their senses and provides cognitive and physical fitness at the same time. An added bonus is that when the systems are not in use, they can be enjoyed by the mainstream populations who may also share the facility.

SMARTfit™ provides a fun and highly engaging play environment for kids to learn their letters,
numbers, words and math while they run, jump and play.

“In general, the SMARTfit Trainer is one of the best comprehensive activities to address all aspects of sensory integration treatment and our clients have seen wonderful results that translate to their academic, personal, and social lives.” says Kimberly Koretoff, at OT4Kids located in Santa Monica, California.

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