SMARTfit at University of Buffalo Primary Care Research Institute

SMARTfit at University of Buffalo Primary Care Research Institute

The SMARTfit team has recently installed a SMARTfit Multi-Station system at the University of Buffalo Primary Care Research Institute. Nikhil Satchidanand PhD MS, and Assistant Professor of Family Medicine at the University Research Institute will be researching the effects of SMARTfit exercises on geriatric patients with cognitive impairment and had this to say about his search for the right solution:

university of buffalo smartfitWhen I started looking for a novel way to engage older patients in simultaneous physical activity and cognitive stimulation I looked for about 2 years before I came across your company.  SMARTfit is leaps and bounds ahead of everyone else in the technology itself but also in fostering a genuine passion in everyone who comes in contact with the SmartFit boards.  They are fun and engaging and have potential in so many different arenas. “

“Robert Aguilar did an exceptional job with the install and training.  He is so passionate about SmartFit as a product and company and that shines through in how he talks about the products, how he interacts with the trainees and, really everything that he does. 

I was grateful that he took the time to get me up to speed and stuck around the YMCA to help their program director learn about the devices too.  He used them Saturday for a family program that he runs weekly.  Robert and I both agreed that the YMCA members are going to have a great time and benefit tremendously from having the boards. 

I am so excited about my program but also about the potential for future work with this YMCA and others in my region.”    

” I hope that our relationship can continue to grow as my program spreads to different venues in Western NY.”

Nikhil Satchidanand PhD MS, Assistant Professor of Family Medicine, University of Buffalo Primary Care Research Institute

Having SMARTfit at University of Buffalo Primary Care Research Institute gives us an amazing opportunity to see how SMARTfit can optimize treatment. Visit our page on SMARTfit Wellness Programs, Physical Therapy, Occupational Therapy and SMARTfit Active Aging to learn more. SMARTfit is a popular addition to wellness programs for  improving functional, visual, and physical fitness.

 If you are looking to integrate SMARTfit systems into your facility the following options are excellent for medical and rehab facilities: SMARTfit Mini, SMARTfit Single,  SMARTfit Combo and the SMARTfit Multi-Station Trainer

Check out the SMARTfit Product Catalog to see all the options available and contact us if you have any questions!

 SMARTfit at University of Buffalo Primary Care Research Institute

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