SMARTfit™ High Intensity Interval Training

Over the last couple years, a number of studies have analyzed the benefits that “High Intensity Interval Training” (HIIT) can have on cardiovascular health, and have suggested that HIIT can actually be more impactful than traditional cardio exercise, such as steady jogging.

Before we go any further, let’s talk about what HIIT is.  HIIT is a series of short periods of high intensity exercise, followed by less strenuous recovery periods.  E.g. sprint as fast as you can for one minute, walk for two minutes.

One reason that HIIT has become increasingly popular, is that it can be applied to a number of types of exercise, including running, cycling, weight training, or even simple at-home exercises, such as push-ups.

According to a recent article published by the American Diabetes Association, HIIT has proven to have significant benefits for individuals battling Type 2 Diabetes, specifically promoting glucose control and cardiovascular health.

One of the reasons fewer people adopt High Intensity Interval Training, is that it requires a high level of motivation from the individual undertaking this type of exercise.  Not all of us are so lucky as to have the kind of motivation required.

That’s where SMARTfit™ comes in. High Intensity Interval Training can be applied to basically every SMARTfit™ game.  Instead of having to do a dozen squats or sprint 400 meters, our users get to play a game.  SMARTfit™ exercises the brain and body in a high intensity setting, then allows users to take the proper time to rest before playing again or starting a new game.

In a more traditional High Intensity Interval Training exercise, the subject will need to possess high levels of motivation, if they are to properly engage in the next exercise, following a rest period.  With SMARTfit™ Vitality Games, users are motivated to beat their previous score, and are highly motivated to engage in the next high intensity interval.

For those with Type 2 Diabetes, and the population as a whole, High Intensity Interval Training can be a highly beneficial method of exercise.  SMARTfit™ helps solve the key problem relating to HIIT, as users are motivated to continuously engage in high intensity exercise throughout a given workout.

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