Giving Boys a Bigger Emotional Toolbox

An interesting piece on NPR this week about the efforts of Ashanti Branch an assistant principal in Oakland. Noticing behavioral trends that left predominantly boys being suspended and expelled he realized he had to get involved and work to find out why that was happening. He did that by asking them. NPR interviewed Branch and […]


Praise for McAllen ISD Fitness Director

Thanks to The Monitor for publishing a piece by Mario Reyna about the efforts within the McAllen Independent School District to fight childhood obesity, you can read the article here. Our own Tom West wrote a letter to the editor applauding the work of Mr. Reyna following his work in achieving a Carol White PEP […]


Play is Critical to a Great Education

At SMARTfit Inc. we follow the blog over at, we loved their recent post “Play is Critical to a Great Education”. We agree whole heartedly that play is critical to a great education. We argue for bringing play and action based learning into all schools. KaBoom’s core goal is to ensure there is a […]

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The Trainer just got SMARTer

The ProTrainer from SMARTfit Inc now comes with SMART technology taking the user to a new multisensory, brain-body, fitness experience. The ProTrainer provides a challenging, interactive workout that pushes users by engaging them in a variety of games and exercises that provide a full body workout. The ProTrainer is a popular edition to gyms and […]


SMARTfit PE equipment for K-12 – In 46 Years of PE, This Teacher has Just One Favorite Tool

SMARTfit PE equipment for K-12 Karen Perry-Kaplan, a K-12 physical education teacher in Wellesley Massachusetts, was one of the first teachers in the country with her new “electric wall”. Today, her “favorite thing I’ve had in my 46 years of teaching” is still going strong. “I don’t know what I did without them before I […]


New Technology at AAHPERD Integrates Brain and Body Fitness

While brain fitness and training on sites like have become hugely popular, physical activity isn’t part of that training. For school children and PE teachers across the country, new technology is emerging that combines both. Researchers have known for years that physical activity is good for the brain. Numerous recent studies of school children […]

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Interactive Multisensory Fitness – Key Brain and Body Training Applications

Now that we’ve discussed connecting the brain and body through interactive multisensory fitness, let’s look at some of the key players offering interactive multisensory fitness equipment and programming. They’re currently being used for a range of applications including functional and cardio fitness, high intensity interval training (HIIT), sports training, physical therapy, occupational therapy, sensory training, […]


SMARTfit Multisensory Fitness – Connecting Brain and Body

SMARTfit Multisensory Fitness – Connecting Brain and Body Until recently, the physical fitness and physical education industries, in spite of extensive research that says exercise, particularly sensory engaging exercise, is essential for optimal brain health, have been a very small part of this growth. That’s starting to change. Extensive research summarized in books like Harvard Professor […]


SMARTfit High Intensity Interval Training

  SMARTfit High Intensity Interval Training Is the integration of brain and body the next frontier in fitness? We know that physical activity is good for the brain. Clinical studies have shown better cognitive and behavioral performance in people who are physically fit. But what many of us don’t know is that it goes both […]