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Try This to Prevent Cognitive Decline

Four steps— Challenging Your Brain, Socializing, Consistent exercise, and a Healthy Diet—can improve your mental skills, as you age. Several research studies have concluded that routine physical activity, a healthy diet, being mentally challenged, and solid social connections will assist you in keeping a healthy mind. The most impressive and latest research goes one step […]

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Why is Keeping Children Physically Fit Good for Their Brains?

Henriette van Pragg along with her colleagues at the Salk Institute, compared inactive mice with energetic mice that ran an average of three miles a day on a wheel.   According to their study, the active mice showed significant brain growth.  Additionally, the brain cells in the active mice showed an increased efficiency of communication between […]

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Brain Exercises for Aging Adults

Brain exercises are critical to sustaining brain function, as well as keeping synapses firing and aging minds sharp. Seniors can boost their brain power by playing various mind games which enhance memory, stimulate learning processes, and assist in preventing stagnation and boredom. Imagine Did you know that just using your imagination can exercise your brain? […]

Core Athletics Academy Visits SMARTfit!

Professional Basketball player Augustine  Okuson from Core Athletics Academy came down to the SMARTfit Inc. facility to work on reaction time and skills training. SMARTfit Trainers improve focus, decision making speed, and reaction time. Working with Resistance Bands and SMARTfit to improve reaction, decision making, and ball handling skills. The system provides the athlete with a […]

SMARTfit inc. and Hest Fitness partner to improve lives!

SMARTfit Inc. and Hest Fitness out of Corpus Christi, TX have partnered together to bring Texas the newest innovation in fitness systems. No matter what skill level or fitness level, all will enjoy SMARTfit systems. SMARTfit Trainers improves the mental AND physical fitness of anyone who uses them! By stressing the Cognitive in conjunction with […]

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SMARTfit at University of Buffalo Primary Care Research Institute

SMARTfit at University of Buffalo Primary Care Research Institute The SMARTfit team has recently installed a SMARTfit Multi-Station system at the University of Buffalo Primary Care Research Institute. Nikhil Satchidanand PhD MS, and Assistant Professor of Family Medicine at the University Research Institute will be researching the effects of SMARTfit exercises on geriatric patients with cognitive impairment and had […]

Gunnar Peterson, Signs Promotional Endorsement Deal with SMARTfit

World Renowned Celebrity Personal Trainer, Gunnar Peterson, Signs Promotional Endorsement Deal with SMARTfit

World Renowned Celebrity Personal Trainer, Gunnar Peterson, Signs Promotional Endorsement Deal with SMARTfit SMARTfit a Functional and Brain Fitness Training Product, has signed a two-year exclusive endorsement agreement with Gunnar Peterson in connection with the advertisement, promotion and sale of SMARTfit™ Products. SMARTfit Functional and Brain Fitness Training Games offer highly motivating scalable programming designed to produce rapid […]

SMARTfit and the Boys & Girls Clubs of America

SMARTfit and the Boys & Girls Clubs of America- Seattle’s Story

SMARTfit and the Boys & Girls Clubs of America- Seattle’s Story The SMARTfit team was deeply touched and inspired to receive this story from Ron Green, the Chief Executive Officer at the Boys & Girls Clubs of the Tar River Region in North Carolina. Ron recently shared a story with us about how SMARTfit had impacted the […]


SMARTfit Introduces Lawrence Jackson

SMARTfit introduces Lawrence Jackson, our new President and Director of Sciences SMARTfit Inc. is excited to announce that former Pro-NFL defensive end Lawrence Jackson is joining our team as our president and director of sciences! Lawrence brings a high level of experience to SMARTfit with his background in collegiate and professional sports. Lawrence played college […]