SMARTfit Exergames Combats Youth Obesity

SMARTfit Exergames Combats Youth Obesity

For the second year, America recognizes National Childhood Obesity Awareness Month in September, as the nation begins to focus more and more on the Childhood Obesity epidemic.  President Obama initiated September as National Childhood Obesity Awareness Month in this proclamation just a year ago, and the SMARTfit team is pleased that this massive issue is front and center for an entire 30 days each year.

While SMARTfit technology has applications relating to fitness, sports performance, and senior centers, our CEO Cathi Lamberti and our entire team place the highest level of importance on using SMARTfit technology to combat childhood obesity.

For today’s youth, SMARTfit exergames can be a bridge to positive physical fitness habits.  How, you ask?

This much we know; most kids want to play video games every day.

SMARTfit exergames utilizes the attraction and engagement of video games to introduce youths to an environment that exercises their brain, body, and senses unlike standard video games.  Instead of simulating play, SMARTfit systems engage players with real play/sporting equipment in a multi sensory, kinesthetic experience involving real sporting equipment.

“What I particularly like about SMARTfit version of exergames is the enthusiastic and sustained interest it generates from kids who traditionally don’t achieve high levels of daily physical activity and exceed their recommended body weight,” Kyle J McInnis, Sc.D., FACSM, said, “With this product, all kids can be successful regardless of their beginning fitness level.”

Kids need to be reminded how much fun exercise can be, and SMARTfit technology provides a unique way to introduce youths to exercise through a video game-focused interface.

In the COMMENTS section below, tell us what your facility is doing during National Childhood Obesity Month!


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