Seniors Maintain Brain and Body Fitness with SMARTfit

Who Says We Lose Our Competitive Spirit When We Age?

When Bonaventure residents decided to visit our facility in Oxnard for an active aging class, we got more than we expected in more ways than one.  Our staff had no idea the average age of participants was going to be over 85 let alone that this class would prove to be so much fun.

Our visiting “Active-agers” confirmed what our other long-term SMARTfit players are saying by clearly affirming that SMARTfit play is for the “kid in all of us,” and report that their mental clarity is sharper for days after participating in a class. In an appealing way, SMARTfit represents a form of time machine; seniors get to visit the playground again.

This band of players from Bonaventure turned out to be as lively as the sports performance groups that show up on a regular basis as affirmed by comments that we did not expect from eighty-year-olds:

“I loved it, it was great. It was a real challenge.”

“It was a lot of fun and great to be competitive with other residents.”

“It was fun to kick the board and go at it with boxing gloves.”

“It was a lot of fun. It was good to see how I was doing in relation to others.  I loved making use of my brain and my body and I wanted to show off how good I was.”

“I liked using my brain and was motivated to show off.”

“It measures your fitness, your reaction time and your stability.”

Program Director Mary Meyer had the following to say: “My group is very competitive and everyone enjoys watching as well as participating…. The engaging of the mind-body with eye-hand coordination was perfectly set up for them to not only have fun but to physically, spiritually and mentally engage.”

“Balance is major and I can see where SMARTfit can help their balance.  That is important and your program can help them better their balance and better their quality of life.”

Active Aging Classes Have Never Been so Much Fun With SMARTfit

Studies continue to show that exercise has a significant impact on brain function, specifically in the aging population.  SMARTfit systems provide community centers and senior living facilities with a great option for a new style of fitness class.

SMARTfit’s unique combination of enjoyable, safe and ability-scaled physical activity, multisensory cognitive stimulation and social engagement provides a perfect foundation for any boomer and senior fitness program.



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