Selecting a Game on Your SMARTfit™ ProTrainer

Select a game on your SMART Trainer or ProTrainer.

For more information on which game to select, you can visit our Programming section or game selector tool.

Game button:

When the Game button is pressed, it will interrupt the system from attract mode, or it will interrupt a game that is currently being played, and take the system into set-up mode.

  • Pressing Game again will increase the game number to the next one.
  • When the Game button is pressed, all stations in the system will turn on the targets to allow for game selection. This will hold for 2 seconds. If there is no input given it will set up the game ready for play. Press the Game button once after this two seconds and the system will go first to the setting mode, while another press will move the system on to the next game.
  • Top Left Target (Target 1) is a toggle to turn the auto-reset feature of the system on and off. When the toggle is on it will display a green “1” and games will automatically restart after the end of a game. When off it will display a red “0.” This will require the trainer to reset each game using the remote control.
  •  Center Target (Target 3) is lit with the “#” symbol to indicate game number. A hit to this target will count the games up by 100’s. The system will remember the last game number played in that suite and change only by the hundreds. For instance, if one is game 112, and the center target is hit, it will change to the game last played in suite 400, 500, 600… back to 000. Upon return to the suite of 100’s it will again go to 112.
  •  Lower Left target is lit with a minus (“-“) symbol. Hits to this target will decrease the game number by 1, including decreasing over game suites. If you are at game 200, pressing this button will take you to the highest game in the 100 suite.
  • Lower Right target is lit with a plus (“+”) symbol. Hits to this target will increase the game number by 1.
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