Season Starts Tonight for Montana State Football & SMARTfit Vet Tyrone Fa’anono

SMARTfit Speed and Reaction Training for Athletes

One of SMARTfit’s greatest sports-related success stories, Montana State Defensive Lineman Tyrone Fa’anono, is running circles around his teammates in fall camp, according to the Bozeman Daily Chronicle.  Tyrone and the Cats (as they are referred to in Big Sky country) open the 2015 season tonight against Fort Lewis College.  Montana State sold a record number of season tickets ahead of the season, and Tyrone is seen as an “up-and-comer,” who should play a big part this season.

Tyrone has worked with SMARTfit’s High Intensity Cognitive Training systems over the last two summers, and has noticed a significant change in not only his cognitive function, but also physical performance.

“I’m improving my balance, I’m improving my focus,” Fa’nono said, “It helps me stay focused, especially in the 4th quarter.  It helps me stay composed and makes me think straight.”

Tyrone engaged in month-long cognitive and functional training programs with the SMARTfit team over the two years, and clearly his training at SMARTfit HQ in Oxnard, California has been beneficial.

Montana State Defensive Line Coach Bo Beck said, “We couldn’t keep him off the field, he was ahead of the curve then, and continues to be.”

That is precisely the goal of SMARTfit’s gaming systems, as Tyrone trained on SMARTfit’s “vitality” gaming modules, which are composed of intricate target systems that incorporate real human touch to create a competitive multi-sensory training environment that can only be mimicked on the field of play.

Tyrone particularly excelled in Chase the Target, as he accelerated his brain speed, visual acuity, focus and reaction time throughout each summer.

Best of luck to Tyrone and Montana State tonight against Fort Lewis College…go get em Tyrone!  Stay tuned to the official SMARTfit blog for updates on Tyrone and his progress throughout the season.

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