SMART Technology Introduction Personal Email Template

We hope you find this email marketing template helpful. Please feel free to edit and add your own personal touches. For best results, keep it clear and concise with a clear call to action or next action for the reader.

  1. Copy and paste the subject line into the subject bar
  2. Copy and paste the email below into your message.
  3. Be sure to add your contacts name after “Hi” and your personal sign-off at the end.
  4. Make sure the third paragraph links to the homepage where the latest introduction video will be displayed. We recommend making the whole line a link.
  5. For consistency make sure is linked in the 5th paragraph.

N.B. No-one likes spam so please ensure your contacts list is up to date and accurate before sending. That will help ensure good delivery rates and protect your own email address/domain.

Any questions please don’t hesitate to get in touch with your Multisensory Fitness contact. Thank you.


Subject: Bringing you a Brain-Body workout



I’m contacting you about a new technology we’re introducing that engages users’ minds and bodies while they work out.

SMART Brain-Body technology builds on a foundation of modern neuroscience to create a highly engaging and interactive fitness experience for groups and individuals. Users report improved physical, sensory and cognitive function – great for all ages and abilities.

You can see a short introductory video here.

Multisensory Fitness, the company behind SMART, have systems in over 30 countries with applications for personal and group training, rehab and even action-based learning options for kids. I think there could be some great options for you.

Their website is

Let me know what you think.

Kind Regards,