SMARTfit™ Programming Library – Quick Reference, Manuals, Game Lists

SMARTfit Programming Library

This section does not apply to systems driven by the Android/iOS App released in late 2017 and 2018.  Please refer to user manuals and instructions located within the App.

SMARTfit™ offers thousands of games and drills designed to engage everyone, regardless of skill, age or ability. We are building an ever growing video library to help demonstrate these, supported by a variety of programming manuals designed for both beginner instructors or expert trainers. Visit our channel to see SMARTfit™ in action and get some inspiration for your next session. Please feel free to contact us with any questions you may have about programming for your specific needs.

SMARTfit Controller Quick Start Reference to Menu Structure

SMARTfit CPU Instruction Cards

SMARTfit™ Single with and without Strike Targets

SMARTfit Personal Training Manual Round 1 View/Download

SMARTfit Combo Sports Performance Training Manual Rev 4.0 View/Download

SMARTfit™ Combo Game List View/Download



 SMARTfit™ Quick Start and Assessment Manuals – See also SMARTfit iOS/Android App.

SMARTfit™ Fitness Assessment and Testing 3.1 View/Download



 SMARTfit™ Personal Training, Cognitive Speed Training, Functional and Small Group X Manuals

SMARTfit Cognitive Speed Training for Athletes Functional Circuit Training View/Download

SMARTfit Personal Training Manual Round 1 View/Download









ProTrainer Game List

Multi-Station Trainer Game List

SMARTfit™ Boomer and Active Aging Programming Manuals

SMARTfit™ Trainer Fitness Classes To Go for Boomers and Active Agers View/Download

SMARTfit™ Functional and Brain Fitness Drills for Boomers and Active Agers View/Download



 SMARTfit™ Pre-K-9th Grade Programming Manuals

SMARTfit™ Stations Classes To Go for K-9th grade v3.0a View/Download

SMARTfit™ Stations Fitness Drills K-9th grade v3.0a View/Download



SMARTfit™ High School Programming Manual

SMARTfit™ Stations Classes-To-Go for High School v3.1 View/Download