SMARTfit™ Programming Manuals Library

SMARTfit Programming Manuals

With an expansive variety of ways to play each game, SMARTfit™ offers thousands of games and drills designed to engage everyone, regardless of skill, age or ability. We are building an ever growing video library to help demonstrate these, supported by a variety of programming manuals designed for both beginner instructors or expert trainers. Visit our channel to see SMARTfit™ in action and get some inspiration for your next session. Please feel free to contact us with any questions you may have about programming for your specific needs.

SMARTfit™ Combo

SMARTfit Personal Training Manual Round 1 View/Download

SMARTfit Combo Sports Performance Training Manual Rev 4.0 View/Download

SMARTfit™ Combo Game List View/Download



 SMARTfit™ Quick Start and Assessment Manuals

SMARTfit™ Fitness Assessment and Testing 3.1 View/Download



 SMARTfit™ Personal Training, Cognitive Speed Training, Functional and Small Group X Manuals

SMARTfit Cognitive Speed Training for Athletes Functional Circuit Training View/Download

SMARTfit Personal Training Manual Round 1 View/Download










ProTrainer Game List


SMARTfit™ Boomer and Active Aging Programming Manuals

SMARTfit™ Trainer Fitness Classes To Go for Boomers and Active Agers View/Download

SMARTfit™ Functional and Brain Fitness Drills for Boomers and Active Agers View/Download



 SMARTfit™ Pre-K-9th Grade Programming Manuals

SMARTfit™ Stations Classes To Go for K-9th grade v3.0a View/Download

SMARTfit™ Stations Fitness Drills K-9th grade v3.0a View/Download



SMARTfit™ High School Programming Manual

SMARTfit™ Stations Classes-To-Go for High School v3.1 View/Download










CPU Instructions

SMARTfit CPU Instruction Cards