SMARTfit Upgrades

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How to Upgrade your SMARTfit Hardware

SMARTfit hardware upgrades are being made available periodically to our customers and the latest upgrade is now available for current users of SMARTfit Mini, Single and / or Strike Pod Systems. Users will receive automatic alerts for new app and hardware updates via your SMARTfit app which is used to install updates to your SMARTfit hardware. There are five different software files that may be available for update: Controller, Display, Wired Targets, Wireless Targets, and BLE (Bluetooth protocol).

To do this, log in under the administrator account and connect to your SMARTfit controller. As long as there is connectivity, either cellular or Wi-Fi, the SMARTfit app will automatically check for updates behind the scenes. If an update is available for your SMARTfit hardware you will automatically be prompted to install these updates. If you click “Yes” to install, you will be taken to the Software Updates page. If an update is found behind the scenes while logged in as a Tier 1 or Tier 2 user, you will be prompted to log in as the administrator to install the update.

There are five different software files that are available for update: Controller, Display, Wired Targets, Wireless Targets, and BLE. If any of these five items are in red and displays “Click to Begin Download”, simply select the item that you would like to update. The update will begin automatically and notify you when it is complete. You can track the progress of the download from the progress window which will automatically launch. If any of these five items are in green and displays “Latest Version Installed”, then that component is up to date.

It is critical that your device be sufficiently charged to perform this update and that it does not lose its Bluetooth connection to the controller. Do not use your device for anything else during this time, such as phone calls or running other apps. We recommend that you set your device near the controller for the duration of the update. The app will not let you begin the update if your device has under 50% battery life and is not currently charging. We recommend that you charge your device during the update process.

If you are updating the wireless targets in the SMARTfit Strike Pods, make sure that your Strike Pods have at least 50% battery before beginning the update. The Power Pack inside each Strike Pod should have at least 2 of 4 lights displaying on the battery indicator.

The time it takes for the update to complete will vary based on a number of factors, including the length of the update, number of targets, etc. Not all components may need an update at the same time. Here is an approximate completion time for each update:

• Controller: Under 15 minutes
• Display: Under 10 minutes
• Wired Targets: Under 45 minutes
• Wireless Targets: Under 30 minutes
• BLE: Under 10 minutes

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