Return-to-Play Sports Rehab

SMARTfit return-to-play sports rehabilitation offers programming that focuses on improving cognitive motor connectivity. SMARTfit’s programming is customizable, scalable and reportable, and to be used by therapists in the areas of: post concussion, orthopedic injury recovery, balance, memory, cognitive training, cardiovascular conditioning to aid in patients returning to sports. Read below to see the benefits of using SMARTfit for sports rehab.

Clinical Benefits

  • Broad clinical utility and patient inclusion criteria
  • Dual-tasking designed for Neurological and Orthopedic injuries
  • Treatment specific protocols for sports-related injuries
  • Progressive Programming
  • Measure patient progress with precise real-time tracking and objective reporting with data visualization

SMARTfit for Sports Rehab Specialists

SMARTfit’s return-to-play sports rehab is the only multi-sensory sports rehabilitation technology that engages visual, cognitive and motor components in one easy-to-use operating system to aid in therapy and recovery. 

It provides quick access to hundreds of dual-tasking programs for assessment and treatment of athletes of all ages and performance levels. It makes therapy more efficient and effective. You can spend more time focusing on your patient.

The SMARTfit baseline and progress report generator documents treatments and saves you time.

How Do You Motivate Your Patients?

SMARTfitOS is engaging, challenging, fun and motivating! Build confidence, retention, and improve outcomes with Scaleable and customizable programs with real-time performance feedback.

Compared to usual care, SMARTfit sports rehabilitation dual-task gamification has proven to be superior in motivating patients to complete their course of therapy. It helps patients return to sports sooner.

"SMARTfit takes the focus of the player off the mechanics and moves it to the external, forcing the brain to solve two problems at the same time. This solves the big missing part in rehab because we want carryover onto the field. SMARTfit is a great tool to test if this is happening before they return to play"

SMARTfit Return-to-Play Sports Rehab

These images show SMARTfit being used for for sports rehab to improve cognitive motor connectivity.

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