How SMARTfit Works

A high-speed controller receives instructions from the SMARTfit Android/iOS App user interface, distributing gamified content to and from any number of computerized targets located in front of and around the individual. Each target features a computerized display to provide stimulus and an adjustable touch sensor to capture responses, which train the participant to manage their power appropriately.

The purpose is to stimulate each participant’s physical and cognitive interaction in a way that simulates real life. Progressive leveling enables participants of any age or ability to enhance their cognitive and physical abilities at a pace appropriate to themselves.

The SMARTfitOS platform has the power and speed to match, measure and enhance the fastest possible athletic cognitive and motor processing. It is also adaptable for rehab patients including Stroke, Parkinson’s Disease, TBI, geriatric and children on the autism spectrum. This is achieved by placing participants in SMARTfit’s interactive training arena where they engage at their level of capability by making physical contact with sensitized target screens placed strategically in front of and around them. Gamified activities using sound, score and a timer prompts them to utilize their visual-cognitive-motor capability to achieve improved outcomes.

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