SMARTfit Dual Task Cost Baseline Tests

Science and common sense tell us that almost all human performance at any age or ability starts with the brain. The ability of the brain (cognitive) and body (physical or motor) to work simultaneously together, also known as dual tasking, is essential. If cognitive or physical capabilities are diminished, we see a loss in performance, or “cost” when doing both. Science also tells us that we can measure and improve performance with dual-task testing and training, especially when they include a focus on executive function.

Kick Start a New Program With A Dual Task Cost Evaluation

SMARTfit’s dual task cost test is a great way to start a new program as it provides a baseline assessment at the start and then tracks results during the program sessions to show the effectiveness of the program.

There are three steps to the test.

  1. Physical Test: assesses strength, balance and or gait.
  2. Cognitive Test: Broken down into levels of complexity
  3. Dual Task Cost Test: The two tasks of physical and cognitive are done together.

The test results will then compare the change in performance when doing the single physical and cognitive tasks with the dual task. The “Cost” of doing both physical and cognitive tasks together can indicate a person’s risk of cognitive and/or motor decline such as risk of fall, decline in attention to task during an routine activity daily living, etc

This score indicates a person’s risk of cognitive and/or motor decline. By tracking dual task cost before, during at of at least 6 weeks, while engaging in dual task gamified programs it is easy to Measure progress. The aim in training is to reduce the dual task cost.

How is SMARTfit's Dual Task Cost Test Different?

SMARTfit’s Dual Task Cost Tests Take 5 Minutes each and Provide Instant Reporting

The challenge has been “How to measure Dual Task Cost” with consistency and data tracking. SMARTfit is the solution!

This video shows an example of how a test is conducted as well as how to use the instant report generated to interpret cognitive and motor weaknesses. It also provides a guide on which SMARTfit pre-designed programs would best help to address these weaknesses.

Periodic retesting will provide detailed graphs on the progress being made.

SMARTfit delivers the world’s first comprehensive baseline test of cognitive capabilities while the person is moving, followed by a 12-week program to improve identified weaknesses.

Designed initially for older adults, SMARTfit training improves ADLs (activities of daily living), reduces falls, and can slow or prevent MCI and Parkinson’s. 

Disclaimer:  SMARTfit’s 14 dual task cost tests are designed to provide a baseline and progress reports.  They have not been cross-validated with the manual test yet.  Additionally, since every individual has unique combinations of cognitive and motor capabilities, the company does not forsee being able to provide normatives in the near or far term.

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