SMARTfit Dual Task Cost Baseline Tests

SMARTfit’s 24 Dual Task Cost Tests Take 5 Minutes and Provide Instant Reporting

Unique to SMARTfit, these 24 tests of strength, balance and gait measure the loss of performance when executing these tasks while concurrently doing an unrelated cognitive task.  

This loss of performance while doing the cognitive and physical tasks together is called the dual task cost and it indicates a persons risk of cognitive and/or motor decline.  By tracking dual task cost periodically while engaging in training, it is easy to tell how effective the training is.

This video shows an example of how a test is conducted as well as how to use the instant report generated to interpret cognitive and motor weaknesses. It also provides a guide on which SMARTfit pre-designed programs would best help to address these weaknesses.

Periodic retesting will provide detailed graphs on the progress being made.

Instant Progress Reports – A Powerful Retention Tool

Instant Reports provide a guide to SMARTfit’s pre-designed programming that focuses on enhancing identified physical and cognitive weaknesses.

Kick Start a New Program With A Dual Task Cost Evaluation

A great way to start a new program is to invite clients to take this assessment of their cognitive and motor capabilities.

Periodic retesting provides evidence an instant view of progress and when printed and handed to clients, helps improve retention because they can see that the program is providing real benefit.

SMARTfit delivers the world’s first comprehensive baseline test of cognitive capabilities while the person is moving, followed by a 12-week program to improve identified weaknesses. Designed initially for older adults, SMARTfit training improves ADLs (activities of daily living), reduces falls, and can slow or prevent MCI and Parkinson’s. It’s also being used across the world to improve military tactical performance, neuro-rehab, brain-body wellness, functional fitness, physical therapy and youth programs.

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